Trailmakers Brings Scrap Mechanic Construction To Greenlight

You know the game Scrap Mechanic? well, take that game and put a point-to-point Expedition Mode in a sandbox world that transcends into a semi-open world environment and you’ll get Trailmakers. Flashbulb Games is currently looking to get Trailmakers through Steam Greenlight, where the game is looking for votes right now.

Keeping it short and simple, Trailmakers is much like Scrap Mechanic. The difference is that the former provides a racing point-to-point mode unlike the latter. The point of this mode is to see how far your creation will make it when out in harsh terrain.

Like Scrap Mechanic, you will build stuff from scratch using building blocks, if your machine breaks down you can repair it to hit the road again. It’s worth noting that you can make cars and flying machines, this is ideal for traversing in various weather patterns to make it to the next checkpoint.

“Trailmakers is part creative vehicle-building sandbox, and part open-world rally expedition. You begin your journey in a desolate canyon on a distant planet, and must scavenge for discarded vehicle parts. Build a rig and experience the sweet rush of freedom that follows the acquisition of motorized transportation.”

Other players can also join in and race through the Expedition Mode, or you can play the Creative Mode with a friend (or by yourself) and make stuff for fun.

The newly released trailer for the game is visible for you to look over.

Mods are an important spectrum to a game’s longevity, and the developers of this game support modding seeing that it’s another form of creativity. The devs even had this to say:

“Since Trailmakers is all about being creative, we want to extend the customization aspect of the game into modding territory. We hope people will experiment with Trailmakers and surprise us with brand new game modes and creations.”

If this game seems interesting you can vote for it on Steam Greenlight. For more information on this game you can hit up, or you can try to get in on the Alpha Test by signing-up.


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