Verdun, WW1 Game Is Now Available For Xbox One
(Last Updated On: March 14, 2017)

Publisher and developer Blackmill Games and M2H not too long ago announced that Verdun would come to the Xbox One. The game was previously available on PS4 and PC. Starting now folks can embark in the one and only true multiplayer FPS WW1 game, Verdun, across Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

That’s right, folks who own an Xbox One can now play Verdun like those who own a PS4 or PC. The first-person shooter focuses heavily on semi-realistic combat during the Great War to end all wars, and delivers the experience in a harsh and merciless way:

“Verdun is the first multiplayer FPS set in a realistic World War One setting. The merciless trench warfare offers a unique battlefield experience, immersing you and your squad into intense battles of attack and defense.”

The game isn’t considered an arcade shooter, but it is known for its more slow and frantic gameplay. So if you want to experience WW1 in a more slow but well paced, brutal multiplayer setting I think that it’s a title worth checking out.

A new trailer is up for folks to look over, which comes in to celebrate Verdun receiving an Xbox One version — as seen below.

I know a lot of people on PC are probably thinking that this will hamper the original PC version, but according to the developers that is not the case. development for consoles will not affect the PC version at all, which is explained below.

“All platforms are important to us and therefore we’re sure that you will understand that this release will not affect the PC version. In fact the PC version is still evolving each day, and guess what? More is yet to come.”

For more information on Verdun and the platforms it is currently playable on, you can head on over to If you want to check out the PC version you can head on over to Steam.

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