Violent Games Don’t Make People Violent, Says New Study
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A new controlled study led by Dr. Gregor Szycik from the Hannover Medical School that has been released that indicates that violent video games don’t necessarily make you more violent.

According to the Telegraph, the study has been conducted over the course of four years, since 2013. They had gamers come in and play violent games for several hours, then waited three hours and conducted psychological examinations on the participants while also scanning their brains with an MRI.

What did they find?


The results were the same for people who didn’t play games. Aggression levels in gamers were neither higher nor lower than the average normie.

This doesn’t end the research on links between violent behavior and virtual gaming. According to Dr. Gregor Szycik…

“We hope that the study will encourage other research groups to focus their attention on the possible long-term effects of video games on human behavior,”

The Telegraph noted that the study was actually done in response to a rise in patients seeking help due to video game addiction.

The reality is not that games are making people violent, but that they likely offer more gratifying outlets of success, comfort and enjoyment than real life.

That issue has become rather pervasive in China and South Korea, both of which have instituted aggressive methods to curb youth addiction to interactive entertainment. They’ve gone as far as mandating curfews, utilizing IDs for cyber cafes, and forcing some youths to attend rehabilitation facilities under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture, as reported by Business Insider.

Addiction may be an obvious issue that youth in South Korea and China are dealing with, but violence is not an issue. Unfortunately, with certain organizations pushing for very specific kinds of political agendas in which to stigmatize gaming, it’s no surprise that the topic keeps popping up frequently in the Western hemisphere.


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