Violent Games Don’t Make People Violent, Says New Study
Mortal Kombat XL
(Last Updated On: March 10, 2017)

A new controlled study led by Dr. Gregor Szycik from the Hannover Medical School that has been released that indicates that violent video games don’t necessarily make you more violent.

According to the Telegraph, the study has been conducted over the course of four years, since 2013. They had gamers come in and play violent games for several hours, then waited three hours and conducted psychological examinations on the participants while also scanning their brains with an MRI.

What did they find?


The results were the same for people who didn’t play games. Aggression levels in gamers were neither higher nor lower than the average normie.

This doesn’t end the research on links between violent behavior and virtual gaming. According to Dr. Gregor Szycik…

“We hope that the study will encourage other research groups to focus their attention on the possible long-term effects of video games on human behavior,”

The Telegraph noted that the study was actually done in response to a rise in patients seeking help due to video game addiction.

The reality is not that games are making people violent, but that they likely offer more gratifying outlets of success, comfort and enjoyment than real life.

That issue has become rather pervasive in China and South Korea, both of which have instituted aggressive methods to curb youth addiction to interactive entertainment. They’ve gone as far as mandating curfews, utilizing IDs for cyber cafes, and forcing some youths to attend rehabilitation facilities under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture, as reported by Business Insider.

Addiction may be an obvious issue that youth in South Korea and China are dealing with, but violence is not an issue. Unfortunately, with certain organizations pushing for very specific kinds of political agendas in which to stigmatize gaming, it’s no surprise that the topic keeps popping up frequently in the Western hemisphere.

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  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Another research that mainstream media and SJWs will ignore and keep claiming without solid evidences how violent video games makes us violent in real life.

  • Just like that study that was done in Germany a while ago which concluded that video games do not make you sexist.

    But of course, SJWs and feminists will completely ignore these studies because they do not have the results they want. Instead, they will just keep screaming “SEXISM!” and “RACISM!” over and over again, and use only their own biased “studies” to reference it. And as usual, the braindead normies and parents will suck it all up and take it as gospel.


  • Disqusted

    Assholes saying violent games make people violent makes me violent.

  • Migi

    Even if the answer is obvious.. ppl still look for excuses around it. so even with all the study’s they still won’t admit its more of a societal vault.
    But sadly that question isn’t easily answered cause that means parents need to actually make an effort in parenting their kids.

    I think upbringing is the biggest factor if somebody becomes a good or bad person. even if media makes them more aggressive it’s still the fault of the underlying problems and those are the things we in the west looks away from

    • Disqusted

      I think some things are also genetic. People underestimate the natural reactions embedded into our physical bodies by our genes. If someone is prone to react violently, it may be because they naturally feel that way because their genes defined their body to react that way.

      Of course, things like parenting and the environment a person is raised in, are big contributors as well, as you said. I also personally think guys are more prone to anger/violence because they’re often taught to suppress other emotions, for the sake of being manly.

      Also, sometimes a guy might be stuck in a situation where he tries to reason with unreasonable people, but is left with no option but violence. I’m not justifying it, though. I’m trying to say that society sometimes drives men into a corner where violence is the only way they can express or react.

      Ultimately, it comes down to how much self-control a person has, but it would be nice if guys didn’t keep being forced into situations where they feel an urge to lash out violently.

      • That’s how modern feminism has managed to become so powerful.

        Feminists know the nature/mentality of men. They do things that are deliberately designed to irritate and anger men, so that it gets a reaction from them.

        So when that happens, feminists will just point to this and say “see this is toxic masculinity, men are violent, told you so” and they’ll use it to make their case to politics/government and make it known all over mainstream media. And then of course, the normies will suck it and up and swallow it.

        It’s a really clever game they play and it’s been working for over 30 years. There’s a reason why feminism is billion-dollar industry in the West.

      • Migi

        I don’t think Genes are the deciding factor, mostly cause that would mean any child that was born from a parent that was a murderer would also become it by default simply cause of that excuse.

        I think if you mean genes in sense of birth defects i would say your right, but that doesn’t excuse ppl born normaly that suddently go off-rails. Also i think there is nothing wrong with being manly. cause that would mean you’d end up like all those SJW loser otherwise.

        The Anwsers are basically very simple, it’s just that it takes a lot more effort to guide somebody to be a good person.

        Right now i’d say the biggest problem in the west is ppl looking away at real problems so they can get that feel good moment that just last for a few min.

    • It’s become a game of who can shout the loudest, facts and truth does not necessarily matter in this political climate. Unfortunately, it’s the malicious deceitful liars (SJWs/feminists) who are the ones in control and have the biggest platforms and influence in the mainstream media.

      They’ll be doing everything they can to brainwash and indoctrinate people into their ideology through immoral means. They’ll be using only their own biased “studies” which they approve of. And normies and parents will swallow it all up and take it as gospel.

      The study done by Gregor Szycik from the Hannover Medical School will be swept under the carpet and completely ignored.

  • SevTheBear
  • Pratim Gupta

    No Shit Sherlock!

  • Of they don’t.
    They make you less violent because you just blew off some steam and some stress that you’ve had