Wartile, Virtual Tabletop Game Now Available On Steam Early Access

Indie development team known as Playwood Project recently published Wartile through Steam Early Access, in which the virtual tabletop game sees players strategically battling various forces across different landscapes, using unique classes and cards to triumph any enemy.

As of now, a game that is all about RTS action is currently out. The game has been shaping up nicely and the devs have taken community feedback to perfect areas that were a bit rough around the edges when the game was in its early stages, which now look and perform a lot better.

Now that it has released to the public to be consumed — folks who are considering buying and playing an RPG that also doubles as a real-time-tactics board game — I think that Wartile is something worth keeping an eye on if you are into the previously named genres.

“In WARTILE miniature figures battle it out in a real time strategy video game. Position your figurines, use their strengths and be mindful of their weaknesses, activate their special abilities and play your action cards to gain the upper hand on the playing field.”

Upon collecting various miniature figurines and bringing them to life on-board, the game tasks players to understand enemy weakness and the strengths of your own soldiers under your command, whilst travailing across different terrains.

In addition to the above, special abilities and cards can be played to help your Viking Conquest through the game’s campaign mode. As players battle and lead their soldiers through Scandinavia and England to write your history in blood, skill and tactics will be needed when using these special abilities.

Wartile is currently sitting with a “Positive” rating on Steam Early Access, and has a 10 percent off deal going that drops its $19.99 price down to $17.99, which the deal is set to end on March 24th.

If you aren’t too happy with the way how the game sounds and you want to see some actual gameplay footage showing what Wartile has to offer to gamers, then you can watch a video by Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon, as seen below.

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