Wonder Boy Trailer For PS4 Revels In Some Awesome Animation
Wonder Boy PS4 Trailer
(Last Updated On: March 22, 2017)

Lizardcube and DotEmu released a new trailer to introduce a new playable character in the upcoming Metroidvania style game, Wonder Boy.

Over on the PlayStation Blog co-founder and art director at Lizardcube, Ben Fiquet, explained what the goal was with adding the latest bit of playable content to the HD overhaul of Wonder Boy, featuring high-quality art and assets for all the classic characters.

It’s also explained in the post that gamers who want to see how the game originally looked will be able to play using the old 8-bit classic graphics. You can check out the newest trailer for Wonder Boy below.

Animation wise, the game looks fantastic. The lighting, the detail in the background artwork, the character movements, the colors and palette, it’s all done quite nicely. Fiquet really made sure that the art direction for the game pops to life in a very entertaining and inviting way. This is how you do sprites in HD.

As you can see in the trailer, in addition to having the option of playing as Wonder Boy, you can also play as Wonder Girl, the alternate version of the eponymous hero.

It looks like a game that’s designed to be generally fun, which as many of us know is a rarity these days. With so many studious putting politics ahead of playability, it’s nice to see that there’s a lot of love and attention to detail put into the gameplay of this HD redo of Wonder Boy.

A lot of the comments on the YouTube page are quite supportive of the game. Of course, there are some people who felt as if Lizardcube added in the playable female alt as a way to pander to a certain group of very vocal individuals. However, others claimed that a female protagonist was already available in the previous Wonder World games, and that this isn’t a new addition to the game.

If you want to check out Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap for PS4, you can look to pick up a digital copy starting April 18th.

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