World Of Horror, Junji Ito-Like Game Lands On Greenlight
World of Horrors

A new mystery game that pays homage to the very grotesque yet creative horror manga artist Junji Ito, comes a game called World of Horror. The game rocks 1-bit Macintosh aesthetics and explores an end time scenario set in Japan around the 1980’s. The game is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking votes.

An interesting mystery game that explores angered Japanese gods and the end time set during 198X comes a game from indie Polish developer, Pan Staszek. The name of the game is World of Horror and it’s pretty much a visual novel/mystery title that tasks you with multiple decisions in a 1-bit world.

If you are looking for a description for World of Horror and what the game is about, the official description sits below for you to look over.

“The year is 198X. Disgusting creatures terrorize a small seaside town in Japan as reality starts to crumble, and the Old Gods reawaken to sate their primal hunger. It’s a losing battle, but maybe you’ve got what it takes to postpone the inevitable. The end of the world is at hand.”

The visual novel-like game is said to be a love letter to the cosmic thriller/horror work of Ito. The game arms you with clues, spells and the ever dwindling aspect of your sanity as you attempt to uncover the mysteries sprawled over the city, spawned from realms not of this world.

To save yourself and others from certain doom, you must find a way to face a powerful deity by killing it while it sleeps. Upon leaving it to slowly wake it will only grow stronger, creating more chaos around the small seaside town, forcing you to make a wise move before it spells doom for all living things.

You can check out the game’s official trailer, which comes in by Pan Stas.

You can either help the game reach its Summer of 2017 release by voting for it on Steam Greenlight, or you can learn more about the devs and the game by hitting up


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