2064: ROM Devs Apologize To Trump Voters After Game’s Metacritic Score Tanks
2064 ROM Donald Trump
(Last Updated On: April 18, 2017)

Developer MidBoss, maker of the visual novel 2064: Read Only Memories, had taken to Twitter back on January 29th, 2017 to tell Donald Trump voters to ‘eff off. They apparently didn’t want Republicans to buy their game. After a while, their Metacritic score tanked, and recently, on April 18th, 2017, they took to Twitter once more to ask for help in restoring the user rating on Metacritic.

They received a healthy dose of mocking from many members of the gaming and political community, regardless of political affiliation.

They even had various high-profile YouTubers reproach them for their antics, such as AlphaOmegaSin.

They responded to AlphaOmegaSin, stating that Trump voters aren’t bad and that they messed up by turning their social media platform into a political debate. They stated on Twitter

“Our game is what we wanted to make and if people like it or dont its up to them […] Obviously trump voters arent bad people its just frustrating seeing what we believe is leading us to bad place .”

Papa Sin set them straight, and they opted to take that message back to the gaming community, saying that they would keep politics out of their feed.

They did manage to repair some of their user scores on Metacritic, bringing it up from 4.4 to 5.7, as of the writing of this article.

While they received a lot of ridicule from right-wing subs like The_Donald, there were members on there who did at least advocate for calmer heads to prevail no matter what political side anyone affiliates with. User TyperSniper wrote…

“Anyone that tries to discriminate based on political allegiances can fuck off. I’m far from a fan of the left, but if a game developer said “no libtards or Hillary shills wanted” I’d leave an equally scathing review, we show acceptance and tolerance of their views despite disagreeing with them, which they’ll never do for us, hence why ‘the divide’ is only going to grow. “

Surprisingly, though, the sales for 2064: Read Only Memories did not slow down or subside all that much after they made the original comments back in late January. In fact, they maintained a steady incline in owners from January, 2017 up until recently, according to Steam Spy.

Nevertheless, this kind of negative publicity could definitely end up hurting MidBoss in the long run, especially if they have another game they plan on promoting and selling.

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  • Zephyr

    Good for them. Trump and his white trash voters are scum.

  • Destroyer

    am i reading the graph right that the game sold less when its price went down?

    • It was during a sale. It is weird that fewer people cared to buy the game when it had a lower price.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Another case of SJWs that previously mocked their audience and told them
    that they don’t want their money and later they started begging them to
    buy their products.

  • Toby Bourne

    Their user score is sitting at 3.4 now!

  • Toby Bourne

    What’s a “facist”? What an idiot, these people have no self awareness either, they’re so anti-faux, imagined, fascism that they resort to actual fascism with no sense of irony.

  • Michael P

    As someone that leans left for the most part, shit like this leaves me embarrassed/dumbfounded. God I miss the 90’s when the conservatives were the lolcows.

    I don’t lean far enough to the left for these loons, so I’d “get the bullet too” but it’s getting lonely in the centre left as these insane antics are radicalizing a lot of the young and steering them towards the likes of Antifa or pushing many of my clan to the right.

    The past couple of years I’ve been looking around thinking “Damn, where’d everybody go?” and the only saving grace is that most right leaning people are like “Yeah you’re a libtard, but you can stay”.

    • fenshing

      That’s the thing about the Democrat party in the US. If you don’t pull the far left line, your out. Look at Joe Lieberman, he got ran out of the party for supporting the war in Iraqi even though he is as far left as they come. They even heckled Dianne Feinstein this week.

      The Republicans on the other hand are really a big tent. You have everything from conservatives, like myself, to libertarians to moderates to even liberals. It’s not just the Blue Blood Country Club types anymore and hasn’t been for a very long time. Now the Wallstreet and CEO donations all go to the Democrats.

      Yeah there are people on the right like you describe but that’s mostly just on the internet. The real people on the right don’t mind a good debate of ideas and enjoy hearing multiple opinions. Because that’s what we do. We try to make our minds up based on facts not feelings. It’s why many liberals have listened to Rush Limbaugh wanting to prove him wrong and in the end liking him.

      If anything you’ve just met someone on the right who wouldn’t name call you.

      • snakesandfrogs

        I’m in the same boat. It’s always interested me how that ever since Trump won, the liberals(specifically the far left) have been acting the same exact way they declared those of us on the right would have if we lost. Even though we lost in 2008 and 2012 we never once acted like total hypercritical baby pansy “I need crayons and playdou” losers. I mean come on, do yourselves and everyone else a favor and grow up. It is this lousy lazy pathetic mentality which is slowly poisoning our games, and just like in this past US election screwing things up only this time everyone has to deal with their thoughtless, irresponsible SWJ decision making bs.

    • ExhaustedSquid

      Yeah it is. And then you look deeper and see that the people don’t care so much about supporting the promises of their party , but rather looking cool and getting money FROM looking cool. What other reason would these chucklefucks shove something Trump-related into their tweets? Because they KNOW that’s a magnet for attention. Problem is, they shot themselves because they’re so insignificant that the people they thought would support them didn’t come to the rescue and throw them money.

  • ExhaustedSquid

    When are people going to learn that telling people to fuck off from buying a game doesn’t mean shit? Or did they think more people were going to buy it if they did, via reverse psychology or something like that? In the end, it didn’t work because people are tired of this shit. No one cares about your gender-filled, faux retro pixel game.

    People can make a game with stories like this but god damn, none of these studies can fucking come up with a decent story if their lives depended on it. All they do is ride the gender pronoun train and hopes it pays off when no one cares or does not know they exist.

  • durka durka

    Hmm i am too lazy to check but wasnt jim stering one of the voice actors in th game?

    Yeah its that kind of game.

    As for Trump? He has failed to do any of the things he wanted, his approval ratings are dropping and it seems he is not in charge, eg he thinks they bombed iraq and not syria or if you take a look at the debates he said he is neutral on israel thing, he was attacked because of it. It is clear he doesnt have a clue what is going on and what to do. As for fascim? well no, but ony him and Putin congratuated Erdogan on his victory on the “let me become a sultan” refferndum.

    I guess Trump is stupid like a baby and doesnt know what he is saying or doing, but in the end, the peope behind the scenes are running the show and he is just there to look good. For exampe he changed his stance on Russia instantly.

    Nice president you got there, i mean why do you even vote?

    Dont start with Hillary, he is pretty much doing the same pro wallstreet things she was gonna do and the TPP was pretty much dead when he took over thanks to EU not agreeing with pretty much anything….as usual.

    • Dont start with Hillary, he is pretty much doing the same pro wallstreet things she was gonna do and the TPP was pretty much dead when he took over thanks to EU not agreeing with pretty much anything….as usual.

      Dude, come on… you’re going to use that bulwark equivocation for Hillary?

      Both are bad, no doubts about it, but Hillary represented groups who were all pro-internet censorship because people tweet mean things. It would have been like literally putting the censorship-heavy authoritarians in control.



      A lot of people spite voted for Trump just so Hillary wouldn’t win. I mean, with people like her in office sites like this would eventually not exist.

      • fenshing

        Trump was not my pick in the primary… he wasn’t even my 4th or 5th pick! But I voted for him because Hillary is, well, a monster. And nut bags like Bernie are the exact same. It was funny watching them debate because they hold the same positions on everything. Just Bernie is more open about wanting to spend every dime in the country.

        Trump is a big government New York liberal. Always has been. I saw though him before he even announced his candidacy. The One difference between him and his friend Hillary, their families are friends… well maybe not now!, is that he believes in giving power back to the states. I could get behind that.

        An example is how Hillary hates gaming. She has spoken out against “violence” in games many times. I think Trump has said something not far off from what Hillary has said in the past. The difference is that Hillary wants to have the federal government regulate entertainment like games where it seems Trump doesn’t care. So as a gamer, Hillary is the worse of the two.

        Plus I got a sadistic type of glee when the left lost it’s mind on election night.

        Rush Limbaugh said it best the last time government control of the video game industry was being discussed in California, a caller asked him about it and he said…

        “Join me any time the government tries to impinge on anybody’s speech. Join me when the government tries to tell you can’t eat trans fat. Join me when the government gets involved in all these other behavioral and speech things that they try to tell you and control us we can’t do: What kind of car we have to drive, whether or not we’re responsible for global warming, the kind of lightbulb we have to have, where our thermostats are. Get on board, my buddy. If it’s taken a video game to get you interested and have the light go off, to have you see what liberalism is all about, I’m glad to have you on our side, ’cause I agree with you. Leave your game alone. The people that put together these video games are artists in their own right.”

  • Blake

    Never go against the advice of Tyrone https://youtu.be/pKHasVckAyk

  • Disqusted

    Heard about this. Too many idiots trying to pull shit like this. Super bigoted.

    Seriously, you’d have to be insanely up yourself to think you know every single thing about politics so well, that you believe you can harshly judge other people based on who they decide to support, without ever knowing or caring to hear their reasoning, and then attempt to segregate them with whatever method available.

    I’d imagine such people are that desperate to define themselves with politics, and don’t want their self image shattered when they realize that what they believe in is total bullshit, so they go to great lengths to maintain that illusion by shutting out anyone or anything that might topple their self-delusion.

  • Uncle Joey

    Just read up about the game on hardcoregaming101.
    Apparently it starts off like this:

    “Turing asks you which pronoun set you’d like to be referred to as, with
    gendered sets and a non-gendered set, and a scientist later comments on
    Turing’s own lack of a chosen pronoun or gender, simply because the
    little guy never really thought about it. The first example is basically
    choosing your gender, but it’s more clever because it doesn’t specify
    your sex. You just chose who others refer to you, gender doesn’t define
    the character you play out”

    Into the trash it goes.

    PS: Please refer to me as xi/xi/xiself, thanks.

    • Disqusted

      I always laugh at gender pronouns because Japanese doesn’t really use them. It’s mostly an English thing. I don’t know about other languages, though. I hear Spanish has different words/sounds depending on gender. As in, the two actual genders. I wonder if they’re all tearing each other’s throats out over the other 999 imaginary genders not being covered.

      • LurkerJK

        Spanish has 2 versions of SOME words, one for each gender (mostly words where it somewhat makes sense, like male medic “medico” and female medic “medica”), there are a ton of words where there is no female version, you can usually force a female version by changing the last letter to “a” but you wont find them in the dictionary, they sound weird and make you sound like a tool

        when you address a mix of males and females or unknowns you default to male

        That does not stop idiots from trying to force it tho, last Argentinian president changed the normal “hello everyone” to “hello female everyone and male everyone” which sounds fucking stupid, redundant and is clearly dividing “everyone” into two groups which misses the fucking point of using “everyone”!

        • Mr.Towel

          Portuguese is similar.

          Here in Brazil we had a female President recently (Dilma Roussef, got impeached). The portuguese word for “President” is “Presidente”. The last E is genderless vowel, it doesn’t imply in any gender like the vowel “A” or “O” in portuguese. The only way to differentiate a male president from a female president would be by the article before the word. “A” for female, “O” for male. “O Presidente”, Male. “A Presidente”, female.

          But because Dilma Roussef was our first female President, and she thought a genderless title was too threatening to her vagina, she decided to change the title from “PresidentE” to “PresidentA”. I can’t truthly describe to you how stupidly cringey “PresidentA” sounds. It sounds like a child who is just learning to speak mixing up Portuguese grammar rules or someone too poor and stupid to know otherwise. For english, the equivalent would be a president that can’t pronounce “r” and changes the letter “r” for “w” instead. You would be on the floor holding your sides laughing if it wasn’t so tragic and sad

          And because she officially enforced this title change, getting everyone pissed off at her, now that we have a male president again there are people calling him “PresidentO”, another stupidly cringey sounding word, just to spite the feminists who tried to change a genderless title.

    • durka durka

      So you are saying they did the right thing telling anyone on the right to fuck off since their brain woud explode if they play it.

    • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

      I assume that HG101 praised this game, right? Just like they do with many other indie SJW crap or shitty indie games made by their friends or people they support. This is why I stopped visiting this site. That and the fact that the forum is full of SJW assholes.

      • Uncle Joey

        “Read Only Memories packs in so much heart and soul in its short
        runtime, capturing the flavor of its genre, but adding its own richness
        in the process. It’s beautiful, funny, tragic, tense, and heartwarming,
        everything a good story needs to be. But the most important element is
        easily its style. It’s filled with personality and blending just the
        right mixture of colors and shapes. If Read Only Memories is the only modern example we’re going to see for a long while, at least it’ss one hell of an example.”

        No surprise there, as they’re also praised that godawful “Ladykiller in a Bind” game.

  • MusouTensei


  • Cigansky

    I don’t know. Considering that MidBoss is the same dev group that was going to virtue signal not putting games on Nintendo platforms because of the whole fired Nintendo PR person garbage, I don’t quite believe that they’ll refrain from doing/saying stupid things on Twitter in the future.

    • Mr.Towel

      I didn’t know of that.

      It seems they are avid drinkers of anti-GG cumlaid. They probably bought the idea that Alison Rapp was fired because “misogyny”. Maybe they still do.

      • Disqusted

        They probably rely entirely on some bullshit like Huffingpaint Compost for their “news”.

        • snakesandfrogs

          I like that name.

  • Mr.Towel


    I do agree that we shouldn’t tell political adversaries to fuck off. But I sure as hell ain’t giving my money to them.

    If I do, I won’t be quiet about it.

  • Mat2580

    How come on Steam they have a 9/10 rating when the vast majority of the reviews are negative? Has someone been playing with the rating system?

  • babyboy

    Thanks for sshare

  • babyboy

    however I discovered some people buy scores of Metacritic here http://www.buyimdbvotes.com , they are a big supplier of user scores from around the world

  • John Worthington
    • Disqusted

      Hah. People who value their livelihood don’t usually shove unrelated politics into their work, or demand people not buy their stuff.

  • Bamf

    “Anyone with a brain can go fuck off!”

    • snakesandfrogs

      That’s actually a very nice comment lol. Time to go. =D

  • anopolis

    i only wish the left leaning people would practice some of that tolerance they preach so zealously. telling anyone left or right to fuck off, is stupid and they got only a taste of what the deserved. diversity among us is supposed to be a strength, thats what they say. I’ve seen no evidence they actually want any though. open forums, the exchange of ideas…..nah if you think differently than me, fuck off?? well..fuck you too.

    • They can’t allow for open forums because the facts would shred them up worse than a rat in the claws of a meth-addicted alley cat.

      • ExhaustedSquid

        I think what scares them the most on that is that if they shared topics and discussions they would find they have some thing in common with the people (in many of the cases) they are TAUGHT to hate. It scares them because after being told that anyone not like them is bad, they question whether or not THEY’RE bad, not a more logical sense of seeing that maybe people aren’t either/or as they’ve been force fed.

        This is what happens when you split (cough SEGREGATE cough) people in such a manner and gleefully endorse it. They call their forced rules diversity but when actual diversity happens, they can not handle it because they’ve been made to think communicating with ‘the enemy’ is bad and there’s no way to talk to them.

        This is why this stupid happily put out those tweets condemning the alt-right (whatever the fuck that means) to not play their game, EXPECTING their targets to go into a fit for not being ‘allowed’ to play the game but it back fired because
        1) Their targets DID NOT CARE
        2) Even if they told people NOT TO PLAY, they don’t hold any rules to literally stop a certain group of people from playing
        3) The sentiment pissed off people who are both right and left because they’re tired of this shit
        4) The game is SO NICHE anyway that expecting a large base to come is laughable at best. Them acting like total asshat killed off any way that people who did enjoy the game would spread it via word of mouth

        Again, this is why you don’t use politics as your advertising platform and after all this time, people are 100% sick of it. Politics are EVERYWHERE today and for a majority of people, it’s not helping. It’s only causing more division and the people who are crusading for ‘inclusion’ are the ones at the front of the helm at this because they’re the ones who are telling anyone who isn’t like them to go away. As I remember from school, the Civil Rights movements did open the door for any and all to listen. It did not chase supporters who were not Black away and honestly? The reason we got as far in America as we did during that time was because of that unification sentiment. They KNEW strength in numbers worked and they were also aware that they were not going to get rights by demanding they be removed from others which is what SJWs do.

        SJWs do not and have never wanted unity; they want a celebration of their own ego and elitism which is shown in how the devs of this game acted. If they wanted alt-righters to see the issue of gender in a different light they would have never told them to fuck off nor BLAME THEM when no one gave a shit about the game. The devs are blaming everyone but themselves for the failure, another SJW action.

        • Again, this is why you don’t use politics as your advertising platform and after all this time, people are 100% sick of it. Politics are EVERYWHERE today and for a majority of people, it’s not helping.


          People are tired of the politics. When people say “keep politics out of gaming” this is exactly what they’re talking about. This is an entertainment medium, and people come to games to escape from the bullcrap in reality. They don’t need to be beat over the head with nonsense.

          The more this goes on the more normies are either going to fall in line or rebel. And if they rebel it’s going to kill so many market sectors it won’t even be funny.

      • durka durka

        Dude where i live the left has pretty much won the cuture war, being antifa and an anarchist is mainstream, if you are a right wing poitician, they gonna send you bombs. Because you are scum…..aso fuck borders, people are not illegal

        and if you say anything you are a fascist and a racist.

        • Not to sound crass… but kind of sucks to be you, bro.

        • anopolis

          dont forget being sexist, you pig

    • lucben999

      Oh don’t be silly, diversity is measured in melanin, not politics.

      Everybody knows this in the current year so come on, don’t you want to be on the right side of history?

  • While it’s very easy to be pessimistic about this, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt here at least once. The fact they actually responded to this by apologizing and promising to not do it again means there’s a chance they’ll learn what their audience wants. I say give them one chance.

    • RichardGristle

      I’d normally agree, but my problem is that they’ve already hit strike 2. The first strike being the content of the game itself.

      Maybe I’m too hardline these days due to the political climate but I’m rapidly approaching a zero-tolerance policy.

      • So the game has something similar in it, too? Hmm, that complicates things a bit, then.

        And you’re not alone. I have no tolerance for political posturing in my games. I don’t have enough money to waste on those kind of people.

        • fenshing

          I read a review on Push Square and here is some highlights…

          ” It’s also a game about gentrification, and the way capitalism chews up and spits out disadvantaged people.”

          “A variety of races, gender identities, and sexualities are represented here, and the experience is all the richer for it.”

          Yeah…. if capitalism chews up people, shouldn’t the developer give their games away for free? I guess they don’t practice what they preach.

          • Disqusted

            That’s why liberals hate capitalism? Because they think it’s the cause of so many woes? How simplistic.

          • Well, they obviously didn’t study much about communist nations… so yeah.

  • EroBotan

    can’t agree regarding this quote “Anyone that tries to discriminate based on political allegiances can fuck off.”

    If we keep buying leftist propaganda games. Games industry, will keep getting more and more dumb, since leftist always refuse to touch sensitive subjects. And the problem is almost everything are sensitive subjects according to these leftards. We need to bankrupt them!!

    • Disqusted

      I get what you mean, but I think it’s more about generalizing based on left/right than specific actions like deleting Jon Tron.

      For example, I probably wouldn’t give a shit if people who consider themselves left made a game, as long as it doesn’t have blatant leftist bullshit. I’m sure there are some people who consider themselves left and are still capable of keeping crazy liberal shit out of their work. They’re probably rare, though.

      On the other hand, this dumbass company probably pulled this shit because they seriously believe anyone who supports Trump has to be a misogynist white supremacist, which is a gross generalization (on top of being greatly exaggerated propaganda) that has nothing to do with anything.

      • ExhaustedSquid

        That’s the funny thing; no one cares about the political party you’re in when it comes to game making and it never was an issue before all of this happened. The thing that keeps happening is this;

        Devs *LOUDLY* announce what parties they are aligned with in nearly all their tweets, condemn anyone who is not in the same party, spend a massive amount of time parading themselves as being all knowing and so intelligent for their party choices and when the game FAILS they blame not themselves or their own actions but the people they’ve condemned.

        Think about it for a second; do you HONESTLY believe that the whole of the ‘alt right’ knows or even CARES about this one game?


        That’s more egotism right there and even and once all the shit fell through they made a comment about ‘keeping politics out of it’ WHICH WAS THE FIRST FUCKING THING THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE IN THE BEGINNING.

      • EroBotan

        true, i also won’t mind as long as the game is an actual game instead of mere propaganda tools.

      • EroBotan

        true, i also won’t mind as long as the game is an actual game instead of mere propaganda tools.

  • Keystone

    Another garbage indie studio pushing leftist politics and gleefully antagonizing their customer base. Hope they enjoy sharing the trashcan with the likes of Sunset’s developers.

    • chimpy

      I looked at the sunset twitter(s) after that debacle. There’s two of them an American black lady and a white dude from Belgium. I think they are married. As far as I could tell all the SJW nonsense was coming from the guy. I could see nothing from the woman apart from non political normie stuff like photography tweets. There may be other stuff I’m not aware of, but from what I saw the woman doesn’t deserved to be tarred with the same brush as the cuck.

      • Michael Marquardt

        Perhaps you should check out her personal website and blog, and her college dissertation. There is a much better viewpoint from there.

    • Vinak

      Leftists tend to set trashcans on fire…

      • ExhaustedSquid

        I would say throw physical copies of this game in that fire but did they ever make them?

  • John27

    Leisure Suit Larry on an EGA monitor looks better than this shitty excuse for a game.

  • John27

    If the developers announced on Twitter that they’re leftists, then I have no problem redistributing their wealth. I’m sure they’d understand.


    • Wow, directly after you made the comment someone flagged you to have the comment removed.

      • Mr.Towel

        The damn pests are silent vultures.

        They’re always circling around, waiting for a weakling to show up so they can attack and feel strong.

      • Cats736

        Probably has something to do with him linking pirated games which, quite frankly, should be cause for removal.

        A gaming news site condoning the piracy of a game because of political differences by unflagging and allowing it to be linked? Not sure I like the sound of that.

        • I didn’t check the links. Wasn’t condoning piracy, just noticed someone flagged it without saying why. I removed the mega link so the site doesn’t get hit with a DMCA notice.

          As for the flagging… it happens frequently when people come to the site and dislike opinions from other posters and then mass flag the content.

          • Disqusted

            That’s sad as f**k. People are so damn pathetic. There’s a dislike button, but that’s not enough. Gotta completely wipe out anything they don’t like. F**king babies.

            When society prioritizes what they want to believe in, instead of factual reality, you know we are all doomed.

          • Super sad.

            Happened the most with the Mass Effect threads. I would go into the backend and just see dozens of comments flagged for removal, mostly stuff pointing out all the glitches, bugs, facial animation stuff, a lot of people who didn’t like Manveer’s racist comments.

            It’s pretty obvious it’s the SJW types doing the flagging, since the other side will simply voice their disagreement and actually post a comment explaining why.

          • Cats736

            I didn’t check the links. Wasn’t condoning piracy, just noticed someone flagged it without saying why.

            My bad, I assumed you saw the links.

          • John27

            That’s not “piracy.” That’s activism that is helping to reduce economic inequality. MidBoss is a capitalist corporation that has more wealth than I do, therefore I have a right to redistribute their wealth until there is equality. That’s what they claim to believe, so that’s what I’m doing.

    • RichardGristle

      Wealth redistribution? Their Antifa friends would be so proud!

    • Mr.Towel

      hahahaha this comment is gold

      Frigging communists shouldn’t care about piracy. It’s the heart of their ideology of course.

    • Disqusted

      If they’re going out of their way to announce on Twitter that they’re leftists, they don’t understand what game development is supposed to be about.

  • Brad Donald

    I actually was interested in the game. UNTIL that tweet they put out. So Im a sample of 1 but i cant imagine im alone. How many SALES were lost with that tweet I wonder.

    • fenshing

      Count me with you. Time is a limited resource and if a developer doesn’t want me to play their game, well that means more time for something else.

      • snakesandfrogs

        True. Time is the highest commodity.