A Gummy’s Life Takes Smash Bros And Gang Beasts And Fuses Them Together
A Gummy's Life

A 16-player multiplayer battle royale. That sums up the 3D brawler from EP Games called A Gummy’s Life.

The title recently entered into Steam’s Early Access and is available right now for only $9.99. Of course, as is typical with most games that land on Early Access, you can get your hands on A Gummy’s Life for 10% off the normal price. The discount will last for the remainder of the week, at which point the game goes back to being $9.99.

So what is A Gummy’s Life? Well, the game is a beat-’em-up brawler for up to 16 players. The objective is to use the physics-based mechanics to throw, pummel, beat and smash opponents into the ground. There are also different levels with different mechanics to keep the play-styles feeling fresh. You can see what the game looks like in action with the trailer below.

As the trailer showcases, some levels will require you to beat the snot out of the rival gummy bears and other stages will require you to get a bit more creative by throwing balls into the net.

Some stages will see segments of the arena collapsing or changing shape or putting your character in peril as you attempt to do what you can to win the round.

According to the description page they have various game modes planned throughout the development. The roadmap includes three additional game modes, including team deathmatch, king of the hill and something chosen by the community, along with new player characters, additional stages and new taunts and language support.

At the moment they have controller support for a multitude of controllers, and 16 player support for local multiplayer. Unfortunately they won’t include online play until they hit the second milestone on the roadmap of development.

Online multiplayer will also arrive with Steam Workshop integration, additional levels, and more characters and rule modifiers. The final milestone will include competitive online matchmaking, additional game modes and new updates for the levels and characters.

They don’t have an exact date on when they plan on getting all of these features done, but it sounds like at least a year’s worth of work.

If you’ve been looking for something akin to Smash Bros and Gang Beasts, but with added mini-games and modes, you can check out A Gummy’s Life over on the Steam Early Access page.


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