Abandon Ship Dev Video Covers Naval Combat And Crew Classes
Abandon Ship Combat Video

Fireblade Software’s Abandon Ship is currently in development and scheduled to release at some point later into 2017. The developers recently released a new video highlighting how the combat systems work in the game.

Blues spotted the video, which covers how crew classes and positioning can alter combat performance against other ships, as well as how the ship’s efficiency is based on what positions or sections of the ship are used to carry out specific tasks while in combat. You can check out the four minute video below.

The video notes that depending on how you setup the weapons and crew of your ship will determine how best your crew and ship will perform in battle. For instance, in the demonstration above the ship is good at close range combat, so he gets in slightly closer to the enemy ship and uses fire to set their deck aflame, causing their crew to scramble in an attempt to put out the flames.

The enemy fires back with rounds that are specifically designed to crack the hull, which causes the ship to begin to flood. This requires players to have to use crew members to pump the water out of the ship as quickly as possible before it floods.

Another cool feature that Abandon Ship ship uses is the pause feature. You can pause the game during combat and select individual crew mates, assigning them tasks on the ship when things begin to get hectic. They explain that as the ship takes on more damage in specific sections, the worse that section performs, this is later demonstrated when the sails on the enemy ship are damaged and it allows the dev to get in close and catch up to them.

The video also explains that environmental and ocean conditions can drastically affect combat as well, such as lightning, which can put your ship on fire; or rain, which can put out fires. There’s also fog, which affects visibility, large storms that can sweep your crew overboard, or ice that can damage the hull.

It’s a comprehensive looking game and it seems like something nautical strategy fans might readily take a liking to.


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