All-Star Fruit Racing Is A Multiplayer Kart Racer That Draws Inspiration From Wreck-It Ralph

All-STar Fruit Racing

3D Clouds’ All-Star Fruit Racing is a new 3D kart racing game based on some of the concepts and kart racing segments from Wreck-It Ralph. The game features 23 playable characters, with four different track environments spanning 16 different tracks.

The game is currently seeking votes over on the Steam Greenlight page.

The feedback from the community has been highly positive so far, with a lot of people praising the game’s graphics, vehicle designs and art-style. You can see what All-Star Fruit Racing looks like in action with the gameplay trailer below.

A lot of people have compared it to the kart racing segment from the Pixar film Wreck-It Ralph. It’s hard not to see the influences there given that they do look quite similar. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Players will be able to partake in single-player, multiplayer and split-screen races and game modes.

The hook for is that players will have to collect fruit and fill up their juicer in order to use their special moves. This means players have to first collect enough fruit to fill up the juicer before unleashing a power-up. It seems to help minimize the effect of simply grabbing a power-up and spamming it instantly, which is usually what happens in Mario Kart games.

The game features 39 different power-ups, unlockable karts and characters, as well as customizable karts with more than 21,000 different possible combinations.

There have been some kart games released in recent years for PC, but few of them have really taken off. All-Star Fruit Racing certainly has the look to be a big player on the block, but the question becomes if the racing mechanics and physics will hold up under the scrutiny of playability?

For now, the developers are taking feedback on the Steam Greenlight page and surveying users on what tweaks to make and what they can do to improve the overall marketability of the game. Others just hope that it plays as well as it looks. If you want to see this game on Steam, you can contribute to the cause by visiting the Greenlight page and upvoting it through.