American Assassin Trailer Breeds A New Kind Of Punisher
American Assassin 2017

A young dude has his fiance killed right in front of him during a terrorist beach massacre. He decides he wants to get revenge… but he needs a bit of help in doing so. So what does he do? He attempts to join an assassination squad headed up by one dangerous mofo. Welcome to American Assassin.

The film stars Michael Keaton and Dylan O’Brien. Keaton is basically Ra’s Al Ghul to Dylan’s Batman. He attempts to turn him from a whiny little pussboy into a full fledged killing machine.

The trailer is set to a downtempo version of Unkle’s “The Answer”, and you can check it out below courtesy of 9 Media.

The trailer is very, very well paced. Huge props to the marketing team for giving viewers a slow burn feed of the story and characters.

Instead of going for high-spots and fast-paced action, they setup the characters and give viewers a reason to be invested in this young man’s descent into a world of death and assassination.

The trailer plays it all straight, though. While the premise is essentially a higher class version of The Punisher turned into an international henchman, they don’t play up the revenge factor like an old 1980’s or 1990’s flick… they take the Shenmue route about it, forcing the main character to head through proper channels in order to exact his vengeance against the men who killed his fiance. The thing I wonder about is if they’re also going to consider the one facet of Shenmue that stood out above all other revenge tales: what happens when too much time passes and you no longer have the thirst for revenge? What then?

I doubt the movie will head into that territory, but it looks tight, taut and thrilling… based on the trailer anyway. And also, props to the marketing team for not giving away every aspect of the movie.

The film is due in theaters soon, and hopefully Scott Adkins has more than just a passing cameo in the flick.


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