Andi Shankar Notes That He Would “Love To Do” An R-Rated Mega Man Movie
(Last Updated On: April 23, 2017)

Video games, like many other entertainment platform, can easily branch off into other mediums like TV shows, board games and movies. In this case, we might actually see an R-rated Mega Man movie if a certain producer has his way.

Yes, this proposal may sound strange to some but interesting to others. I should mention that although this information was announced recently, it should be noted that it may not come to fruition… though it does seem likely to happen as a short film.

Catching wind from publication site Anime News Network we learn that Producer Adi Shankar, who was behind Dredd (2012), The Grey, Lone Survivor, Killing Them Softly, A Walk Among the Tombstones, Machine Gun Preacher and the upcoming Castlevania Netflix TV series, would “Love to do” an R-rated Mega Man movie.

The classic and iconic game series has been a huge inspiration over the years, even recently spawning  janky projects like Mighty No. 9 and the Kickstarter project Red Ash, and it’s likely that many other developers will continue pump out material based on the blue bomber… or in this case, influence producers to take a look at adapting the property into a movie.

But it doesn’t end there, Shankar also noted that he would consider doing a Metal Gear movie not too long ago, and he also noted that he wouldn’t mind tackling an animated version of Konami’s Contra franchise, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone voicing the main characters. He mentioned that he could also consider doing something with the Ikari Warriors, too.

As of now, Shankar wants to do three seasons of the re-imagining of the Power Rangers R-rated series that premiered back in 2015 as part of his “Bootleg Universe” project after the upcoming Castlevania Netflix series. If you haven’t seen the 14-minute short film based on Power Rangers featuring Joseph Kahn as the director, you can check it out below.

If the above doesn’t strike your fancy, or convince you that Mega Man can transcend his happy days  into the realm of R-rated territory, rest easy because it sounds like the happy-go-lucky version will be sticking around. The publication site noted that Dentsu Entertainment USA and DHX are working to bring 26 new Mega Man episodes to TV via a brand new series, which will premier on Cartoon Network sometime in 2018.

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  • LurkerJK

    how the heck do you make a r-rated megaman movie ?

    I can only imagine John Wick with a robot dog or Game Of Thrones with extra robot maiming

    • Could do a very slightly more realistic version of MMX4 but in the ‘regular’ mega man universe, probably. That part with Iris, but as a human for instance, could do it. Exchanging Zero for Protoman.
      Something along those lines.
      (Either that or let Cut Man go all Discount Toy Store Predator)

      • LurkerJK

        not enough, Megaman needs to have a VERY dirty mouth and being hopelessly addicted to robot marijuana
        “Leaf-man sends his regards”

    • There was an old Japanese Mega Man cartoon that actually did have a lot of violent robot maiming, not quite on par to Battle Angel Alita, but close enough.

    • Bamf

      I imagine it would require MegaMan engaging in a lot of hardcore gay sex.

    • RichardGristle

      Roll x Rush

  • Hawk Hopper

    I guess you could go with a kind of body horror element in a Mega Man movie. Every time the blue bomber kills one of his foes, his steals their power, and it would look like a hideous mutation on cybernetic arm and hand. He might even absorb their evil behavior or whatever.

    He might be able to make an R rated Mighty No. 9 movie because nobody gives a shit.

    • Nah, just be Beck takin a hard shit and shouting “FUCK THAT HURT!”
      then after he finishes he looks at the audience and breaking the 4th goes
      “Well, at least it wasn’t a direct sequel, right?”

      • Hawk Hopper

        Beck dashes and absorbs a Kickstarter backer who is dazed by how mediocre Mighty No. 9 is.