Arma 3 Jets DLC Adds New Flying Nightmares On May 16th

Bohemia Interactive announced that there is some new content on the way for PC gamers still logging in hours and still playing Arma 3. A new DLC expansion containing fighter jets will arrive on May 16th.

The DLC will contain four new playable fighter jets, including the F/A-181 Black Wasp II, the To-201 Shikra, the A-129 Gryphon, and the Sentinel. The entire pack will run you $11.99.

Additionally they will have a free platform update that will launch alongside the DLC, adding on necessary functions to the game and improving other features as well. They released a developer diary for the new content that clocks in at nine minutes, which you can view below.

In addition to the other flyable jets, there’s also a non-flyable supercarrior, the CVN-83 USS Freedom. The carrier can be positioned into maps as a support vehicle in the map that will allow players to launch and land aircraft.

They’ve also added enhanced targeting systems, allowing players to target multiple opponents. A new infrared sensor is also available, along with enhanced damage models for the jets that better reflect the damage incurred by the plane.

A new bit of DLC is also on the horizon with a new area for players to explore, along with new mission types, such as the co-op patrol type that features randomized objectives.

Later on down the line they will also release a new DLC pack centered around tanks. They want to focus on enhanced, realistic tank gameplay featuring different kinds of tanks.

The team will also continue to work on optimizing the game so it works better on lower-end machines.

You can look for the new Jets DLC to drop on May 16th next month. For more information on the new DLC or to learn more about ARMA III, be sure to visit the official Steam page.


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