ATOM, Fallout-Inspired RPG Lands On Kickstarter With Playable Demo

The Atom Team recently announced that a playable demo and Kickstarter campaign for their isometric turn-based RPG, ATOM, has gone live. The game is currently seeking $15,000 to finally come to life and launch at some point in February, 2018.

The financial goal for the game seems a little low, but according to the Kicksarter page they’ve been working on the game since April 2008. They’ve been slowly working on and off the project leading up to the the Kickstarter campaign. If things go over well enough, they have plans on getting the game to appear on Steam and head into Early Access. They’ve already been Greenlit, so that hurdle has been overcome.

You can see what the gameplay is like and what art and world designs they’ve completed so far with the pitch video below.

The demo is currently available in both English and Russian, giving gamers a small opportunity to play-test the game and make sure that it’s not just a cheap cash-in scam like some of those other Kickstarter projects out there.

As far as gameplay is concerned… ATOM centers around exploring a post-apocalyptic world, interacting with other NPCs, growing your stash, completing missions, and looting areas.

The look and gameplay seems to strongly mirror Fallout 2, only the game is in full 3D, and the gameplay takes place in real-time just until a battle commences and the game then switches to the turn-based mechanic.

I don’t know how well the project will turn out, or whether or not they’ll be able to get enough exposure to actually garner enough crowdsourcing to make ATOM a reality, but at least props to them for keeping on with the project after nearly a decade of off and on development.

You can visit the Kickstarter page if you need to see and learn more about the game, or otherwise you can download the demo and play-test the game for yourself to see what it’s like.


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