Atomic Blonde’s Second Trailer Spoils All The Good Action Scenes
Atomic Blonde

Hollywood never learns. That’s a mantra that you should take with you going into any trailer viewing experience for a film you might even have the remotest or faintest inclination to see. And for all those with good sense and judgment about their wits, I should say that if you value, in any way, the urge to see Atomic Blonde, you’ll probably not want to watch the second trailer for the film.

Charlize Theron stars as an intelligence and fisticuffs specialist in the film. She’s sent to find a device and discover who was behind the murder of another operative. The first trailer for the film was fast, quickly cut together and somewhat spastic in a pulpy sort of way. If you liked stylized cinematography, the original trailer provided it in spades.

Style is still provided in a heaving helping in the second trailer for Atomic Blonde, and rightfully so since it’s based on a graphic novel. However, the second trailer commits the cardinal sin of giving away the movie’s entire plot. Check it out below, courtesy of JoBlo, if you don’t mind all the good action spots being spoiled for you.

So here, within the confines of just three minutes, they manage to setup all of the action scenes and then showcase the meat of them and their aftermath.

What marketing-school buffoon thought it would be a good idea to show us all the clips of the action scenes from beginning, middle and end? The car fight in particular was an especially egregious crime, giving away that Theron’s character gets betrayed and she ends up disposing of both her assailants resulting in the car flipping over.

In the original trailer they avoided all of that scene and instead only showed the aftermath, leaving viewers guessing as to how she ended up in a car, flipped over, with her high heel missing.

Mystery solved.

The film looks like it’s shot nicely enough. There’s just a lot of panache to the way everything placed on camera. The fighting – as depicted in this trailer – looks slightly better than the clumsy fisticuffs from the first trailer. Even still, as gorgeous as Theron looks on screen you can tell she still struggled with the physical aspects in the wide shots. They probably would have done better just having the stunt woman do it, but maybe she wanted to do the fighting herself?

At least her movements and speed during the car sequence were fast and furious and on point.

Anyway, this movie will likely make hardcore feminists harder than a three month old Maxi pad, given that there’s a lot of female-on-male physicality, abuse and death. Theron gets her fair share of pummeling as well, but anytime a body count of mostly males, especially white males, starts to rack up, you can always count on various outlets who get moist around the orifices to lather it all over their readers.

You can look for Atomic Blonde to blast her way into theaters this summer.


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