Battalion 1944 “War And Peace” Trailer Reveals In-Game Footage

The new Battalion 1944 trailer entitled “War and Peace” is now up for folks to watch. The trailer before had an issue that would not let fans of Square Enix and Bulkhead Interactive’s Battalion 1944 view the trailer, only until recently. The gameplay trailer throws in cinematic scenes with actual in-game footage of the upcoming World War 2 FPS.

I’m shocked that YouTuber Westie hasn’t jumped on Battalion’s new video trailer yet — seeing that he keeps up with it regularly. Anyways, the upcoming FPS game received an update post back on April 13th showing its latest trailer, which reveals a mix of cinematic and in-game footage.

Though the video trailer was up on the game’s main site for folks to check out, for some reason it was broken; leaving some unable watch it for days. However, that has changed as of recent and now sits below for folks to look over.

The one minute and 22 second long pre-alpha video trailer comes in courtesy of Bulkhead Interactive‘s channel.

Although I’m not a big fan of quick-scopes, 360 no-scopes and fast-paced shooters, to be an indie game made by a small team the game is coming together nicely. I can see where those who like the previously named features will enjoy Battalion 1944 since it channels just that in a WW2 setting.

Anyways, it’ll be interesting to see how the game will be received when its playable closed alpha goes live next month. If you’ve been out of the loop and wish to play the closed alpha test of Battalion 1944, the announcement for said event is up for you to read.

“As our Closed Alpha draws closer we have decided to set the Official Closed Alpha Release Date as May 26th!

May 26th will be the official PC release date of Battalion 1944’s closed alpha, while the actual game has no launch date yet. More info on this game can be found by heading over to

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