Battlefield 1 CTE Set To Hit PS4 And Xbox One “Soon”

Battlefield 1 is currently out right now and even received its first DLC They Shall Not Pass. Although the first-person shooter by DICE and EA isn’t nearly as broken as the launch of Battlefield 4, the latest game still holds some problems that PC players are able to help the developers address through a thing called CTE, or the Community Test Environment.

To join and help participate in the CTE that DICE and EA have going for Battlefield 1, which is only playable on PC, you have to be a premium member and must enter a new version of the game through Origin to help test the current build — and provide feedback to the developers.

Although PS4 and Xbox One players were said to receive a CTE update, it’s not here yet and there’s a reason why. Since the developers have full control over Origin they are able to seed updates very fast if something or many things are not going right. As for consoles, the latest build/update must go through Sony or Microsoft and must be reviewed to prevent any malicious code from messing up your console.

This certification by Sony and Microsoft can take up to days, if not weeks, to certify a single build/update; but the CTE is all about quick updates and testing to see how things perform before shipping it to the full game.

If it were up to the developers PS4 and Xbox One players would be seeded the same update as PC players on the same day, if not the day after. But due to the safety precaution that Sony and Microsoft have over their system, it may take a bit longer.

In addition to the above, folks on PS4 and Xbox One will soon be able to join the CTE and help change the game for the better, seeing how there are differences in how some of the mechanics that manifest on PC compared to consoles. In other words, some problems that PC players are experiences, console players aren’t experiencing, and vice versa.

Below, YouTuber Westie has a video explaining the above in further detail and the current status of the console variant of the CTE.


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