Blister WIP Combat Trailer Reveals Weapons And Gunplay

We have covered Item_42’s Blister quite a bit on this site. One of the many reasons is that it’s a Greenlight game that takes itself serious, with developers just as serious about bringing a proper game for gamers to enjoy. Not too long ago the developers released a new video showing the progress of Blister and what they have accomplished so far.

The PC game named Blister is regarded by fans to be a competitor to Ubisoft and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege, which is a competitive first-person shooter that sees two teams battling through highly destructible environments.

R6S contains a lot of problems with hit boxes, balancing and other issues like smoke not showing up the same in one person’s screen as it appears in another player’s screen, which is very crucial to out playing opponents.

In addition to the above, a lot of people from the original R6 series did not really enjoy the game Rainbow Six Siege at release. I feel the same way about the game; that it’s nothing more than PvP DLC, taking a step back from what was already established with the series nearly two decades ago. But it seems that others see no problem with the game and seem to have fun with it. However, those who are still craving tactical FPS single player fun will be able to find it in Blister.

The game will support fully destructible environments, 10 missions or levels to explore, 50 plus weapons that are lethal and non-lethal, a story mode called Police Mode, and an open sandbox mode called Assault Mode that allows for full exploration of all stages.

The official description sits below if you are curious what else is nestled in this game.

“Assume the role of Agent One and command your NPC officers through a series of challenging counter-terrorist operations, from raiding insurgent strongholds to resolving hostage standoffs and defusing bombs.”

The game that re-images English civil wars can be seen below in one of its latest trailers that admits that it is still in WIP (work in progress), showing what the devs have accomplished so far.

The Greenlight game by the small indie team known as Item_42 is looking fantastic at the moment. If you want to play the game a demo is set to release this year around Spring time, which is noted below by one of the devs:

“Hey guys, we’ve been unusually quiet because we’ve been working hard on BLISTER. We don’t want the demo to feel like a crappy early access game in a perpetual alpha state so we’ve been spending a few more months whittling away at the mechanics and the graphical fidelity to make sure it’s an experience worth having.


We’re a small team so give us a few extra months and we’ll do our best to make something really fun. We have no solid dates for you because making games is hard work and I don’t know where I put the 2017 calendar that I got for Christmas. With that said, we absolutely want the demo released by springtime 2017, latest.”

I’m glade that the devs are taking Early Access serious along with the demo and the game itself. If this game looks exciting or worth following you can head on over to

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