Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Gameplay Walkthrough
Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Walkthrough

Gearbox Software and People Can Fly re-released the 2011 first-person shooter for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Bulletstorm is now known as the Full Clip Edition. The HD remaster is available for everyone who missed out on the game years ago. If you’re in need of a walkthrough, there’s one available.

Regardless of the controversy between Gearbox and G2A over the Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition collector copies, the game is available right now to purchase and play… or watch. YouTuber
RabidRetroSpectGames has the full walkthrough of the game, which clocks in at four full hours. You can check it out below.

The beginning of the game is just a basic tutorial, teaching you how to shoot, how to do do quick-time events, how to kick and how to make use of the arcade segments.

Following a medium sized cinematic, the game will throw you into a flashback where you get to learn a bit more about how to play. After another cinematic you’ll finally be able to run and gun.

The group will learn that they’ve really been carrying out assassination missions for the government, and this causes them rebel against their boss. Shoot the baddies until the next cinematic plays.

The following mission involves saving Ishi by grabbing a power cell from one of the crashed escape pods. Run and gun like your arse was on fire and your fingers have the wrath of Zeus shooting out of them.

Follow the set path until you get to the next cinematic.

You’ll unlock the ability to use the leash, which you can use with the left bumper (or L1 on PS4).

You can move objects out of the way or combo enemy kills by pulling them into objects or the environment. Physics-based deaths can occur, so don’t hesitate to experiment.

Head back into the ship to help Ishi.

Embrace the badass cinematic and then go back into the fray, kicking and shooting the living crap out of those sons of the desert’s anus.

The map is linear, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost like a yuppie in the Brazilian rainforest.

You’ll be able to use the dropkit to upgrade your abilities.

You can unlock upgrades by performing skill-kills and earning skill points.

You won’t have to worry about health supplies; if your screen turns red just go hide like an SJW in a safe space and wait for the redness to go away.

Barrel through the junkyard fast and furious like a Tinder date gone right with a punk-rock groupie popping Molly.

After you clear out the junkyard, head through the gate on the northwest side.

Proceed through the facility and kill and destroy everything in your path as if Dundalk got butt-busted on the field and a bunch of drunk Irishmen decided to loot and pillage across London.

If you have enough points it might be wise to upgrade the charge on the assault rifle.

Head through the facility and help Ishi get his mojo juices flowing. Once Ishi gets his groove back, exit the facility like a bunch of rich tourist trying to run out of South Compton after midnight.

There’s a boss up ahead and you’ll likely need those charges on your assault rifle that I told you about earlier. You can use it to help dwindle the life of the boss like the American economy dwindled after a bunch of corporations were encouraged to outsource all American jobs to a bunch of third-world piss-holes.

Use the chaingun to rip the mongroids in half until the cinematic plays.

This leads into an awesome Mad Max-style sequence as Gray and Ishi attempt to outrun a giant grind wheel on a rail cart.

Michael Bay could only wish he had the kind of creative prowess to direct a scene half as good, or if he had a quarter of the neurons flowing through his brains equivalent to the ingenious juices that flowed through the balls of the creative director who came up with the sequence.

Use the chain gun to blow up everything in your path and use the red fuel tanks to slow down the grindwheel when it gets close.

Maintain your testosterone levels until the cinematic plays.

Proceed through the next level and kill the two fuglies with the revolver to get your hands on the new weapon.

Clint Eastwood your way through the fuglies and don’t. Stop. Shooting.

Head into the womb of the planet and proceed through the cavern. It’s still as linear as it was before.

Shoot through the eggs like you were frying chickens in a skillet. There’s a small ledge you’ll need to hop over and then you’ll need to slide your way out of the cave’s butthole.

Get onto the gyrocopter and enjoy the cinematic just until you’re required to blow up the train and take down the planet-sized ringworm.

Proceed through the area until you get to the bar and you’ll face off against another boss.

If you have enough credits, upgrade your pistol and use the charge to take out the big, bad, baddie.

Also, don’t forget to pick up the chaingun.

If you kill while you drink you’ll also get bonus SP, so don’t hesitate to drink on the job so you can get some bonus points.

In the next segment you’ll also earn the Flail Cannon. You can mix and match skillshots by firing with one gun and finishing a combo with another by tapping ‘Y’ (or Triangle if you’re on the PS4).

You can earn some quick points that way.


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