Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Shaolin Shuffle Zombies Walkthrough
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Shaolin Shuffle

It’s that time of the month again… where you get to play a new piece of DLC for Call of Duty. The latest content released for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare includes a brand new zombies map called Shaolin Shuffle, a throwback to the kung-fu exploitation craze during the 1970s. If you need help utilizing the powers, understanding the map layout, and turning on the power, this helpful walkthrough guide might be just what you need.

So first of all, you’ll want to turn on the power in the map. There are four power switches you’ll need to activate in order to get the power on in the stage. MrDalekJD offers gamers a quick minute long tutorial to explain where each of the switches for the power is located in the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare map. Check it out below.

The first switch for the power is located inside the spawn room on a pillar just outside of the subway. Flip the switch so that it’s green.

The next switch is at the back of the map across the rooftops by the new perk. You’ll find it right next to a door with a “High Voltage” sign.

The third switch is down through the subway. You’ll find the entrance to the subway to the right of the poster with “The Inferno Room” on it. Head down into the subway and go to the opposite side of the platform where the Bang Bangs vending machine is located. Face away from the vending machine and walk straight away to the opposite wall and you’ll find the power switch for the generator.

The fourth switch is on the rooftop. Head upstairs into the Inferno Room and through the disco area toward the stairs that are blocked off. Gain access to the stairs and head up to the roof and you’ll find the switch on the door with the Shazam lightning bolt on the door.

Once you get the power on you’ll then be able to complete the Pack-a-Punch segment. You can check out the video tutorial below to find out what you need to do to activate the Pack-a-Punch.

So basically you’ll need to pick three items. You can pick them up in any order you please, but you have to acquire the three items in order to activate the Pack-a-Punch.

One of the items you’ll need to acquire is a pink flyer on the rooftops sitting in one of the chairs by the crates against the wall; you’ll have to pass over the boarded up crosswalk to get to the flyer. The flyer has “Free Admission: The Pink Cat” on it.

If you can’t find the flyer on the rooftop, it’s also on another rooftop with the lounge area on top of the strip club, or you’ll find the flyer on the street just outside the entrance to the strip club. You’ll need the flyer to gain access inside of the strip club.

The film reel is the next item on the list. One of the locations for the reel is down in the sewer access that looks like the home of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 1990 film. If you move through the tunnels another location where the film reel might appear is on a cardboard box before you head down the next staircase while underground. The last spawn location for the film reel is inside the disco hall next to the Skullcrusher arcade machine, resting on a couch.

The last item you’ll need only spawns in one location: it’s coin.

You’ll find the coin under the perk vending machine in the underground segment. Go prone and crawl under the machine to get the coin. Use the coin to enter the film room where the projector is located inside the strip club, and place the film reel on the projector to teleport to the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Now the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Shaolin Shuffle zombies map has more than just a simple Pack-a-Machine machine. You can also double Pack-a-Punch. There’s a quick video tutorial showing you exactly how to achieve this feat, which you can check out below.

You’ll first need to complete the main Pack-a-Punch process first, and then go into the Pack-a-Punch room and go to the panel on the wall with the little button by the door. Activate the button and then exit the room.

You’ll have around 30 seconds or so to get to the Racing Stripes rooftop and grab the canisters inside the open junction box. MrDalek suggests kicking down the doors and using the teleporters to get to the roof as quickly as possible.

The canisters are actually alien fuses.

Proceed down to the subway station platforms and place the two fuses where the electrical sparks are kicking up on the tracks.

Wait for a subway train to ride over the alien fuses and it will charge them up. Pick up the fuses and head back into the strip club and go through the portal to the Pack-a-Punch machine and you can use the fuses to upgrade the machine.

You can use the Pack-a-Punch’s upgraded mechanics to make even more powerful weapons to add to your arsenal.

There is also a new kung-fu system to utilize in the map that unlocks new cheat powers for the player-character. You’ll first need to talk to Pam Grier in the dojo in order to activate the relics around the map. You’ll find the Crane gourd on a pedestal in the room leading to the hallway of the disco lounge. You’ll see where each location is in the video below.

So when you get the first gourd and drink it, you’ll be required to level it up by killing zombies. This is equivalent to powering up or leveling up other special abilities in the Call of Duty zombies maps. Drinking the juice of the animal will grant you the power of that animal for the round. You can drink the juice once per round, or wait five minutes for the gourds to respawn and refill.

The more you use the abilities the more the kung-fu powers are used the more the moves and specials are upgraded.

Now if you’re interested in completing the main Easter Egg to defeat the Rat King, there’s a lengthy tutorial teaching you what you need to do and how to battle the Rat King.

The first step is to go up to the rats in the cages around the map and throw a ninja star at the cage and when the rat escapes you have to follow the rat and kill the zombies along the way.

Follow the rat to second cage and when the rat goes into the cage you have to throw another shuriken at the cage. Once the rat gets to the final cage, throw the ninja star at the cage once more and follow the rat to the final destination where a yellow circle will appear on the ground. Kill the final zombies that chase you into the ring and then the next round will start.

The objective is to spend the round getting kills while staying inside the ring. Rack up kills while you’re in the ring. Once you finish getting the kills go back and talk to Pam Grier inside the dojo.

You’ll next have to go get the locker key located inside the upper floor of the building down the alley across from the dojo.

Take the glowing locker key due through the subway area and toward the lockers in the subway station. You’ll have to head to another building to shoot some symbols and then you can summon the Rat King. You can then take the Rat King’s eye after you defeat him.


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