CD Projekt Red Seeks More Artists For Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red has recently posted up yet another batch of job listings, this time the company is looking for Senior Character Artists, Senior Graphics Programmers and Character Artists. This information was posted on the company’s Twitter account and reflects on the company hiring for the development of Cyberpunk 2077.  

E3 2017 is coming up and a significant amount of publishers and developers will be attending the event (or hosting their very own event around that time) in an attempt to build excitement for upcoming hardware and software reveals. It’s rumored that CD Projekt Red will show something off at the event, and the dev team could be gearing up to do so soon.

Recently, CD Projekt Red posted up job hiring notices looking for Character Artists and Graphics Programmers. Both the GIF/tweets and their requirements sit below.

“We are looking for a person who will be responsible for supporting our Graphics Programmers Team. The responsibilities cover day to day developing cutting-edge graphics and visual effects systems to create optimal, attractive solutions. If you’re someone who wants to help to breathe life and realism into our games: this is the job for you!”

The rest of the job listing sits below in a bulleted list that focuses on producing high quality code, debugging, bug fixes and designing solutions for large scale problems:

  • Maintain and optimize existing rendering systems
  • Meet deadlines and produce high quality code
  • Debugging and bug fixing
  • Designing and developing new rendering solutions for large scale problems.

Next up comes the Senior Character Artists and the Character Artists job listings. Both descriptions and bulleted notes lie below.

“CD PROJEKT RED is looking for an experienced, talented Senior Character Artist to join the Cyberpunk 2077 team. If your mind is full of ideas of how to create characters of highest quality possible, you are interested in cyberpunk vision and you would like to work with the best experts out there – apply!”

The rest of the Senior Character Artist and Character Artist listings read that workers must know high quality humanoid characters and item assets. The jobs also call for working close with Animations and Technical departments to make sure everything is in sync:

  • Creating high-quality humanoid characters and item assets
  • Working closely with Animation and Technical departments
  • Maintaining the production pipeline and meeting deadlines
  • Supporting, giving feedback and mentoring younger colleagues
  • Thinking creatively and globally.

Speaking of artists and making characters, we might just receive a second trailer from CDPR seeing that the devs are looking for an Event Manager. Thanks to publication site SlimLarnaout we learn some of the process behind making Cyberpunk 2077’s trailer:

“Usually, working on video game cut scenes involves creating a visual story in an already established world: the animation process is very orderly, divided into classic stages, and predictable. This time around, it was markedly different. The first drafts of the screenplay and preliminary concept art was created when the game was still in initial stages of core development. In the course of our collaboration with CD Projekt RED, we approached dozens of ideas before settling on a seemingly freeze-framed setting that referenced one of the illustrations from the original game manual….”

This means we could see yet another trailer while the game is still in initial stages or in core development. What is for certain is that CDPR is keeping true to its word in that more and more people are being hired to work on the Sci-Fi RPG, which seems to be aiming to be the biggest project the company has ever worked on.

Cyberpunk 2077 will release when it’s ready.


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