Check Out Six Minutes Of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Latest Progress

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is shaping up to be a very potent first-person shooter game that explores Vietnam in a psychological way, whilst set in a PvP setting. Speaking of shaping up to be stellar, the devs recently published an update log that is accompanied by a new six minute long video showing the game running ultra settings maxed out.

It should come in as no surprise that I find Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games’ Rising Storm 2: Vietnam to be a fascinating work of art. From the sound to the scenery and everything in between comes together very well, especially for RS2:V to be in a Beta state.

Without rambling on anymore, a video by YouTuber TheRa1der – TheSkillClinic has a video showing the game running all settings maxed out, which sits below.

Looking over to the new developer update log we get a nice taste of what bug squashing is like. I can tell you that this process is not fun, but what’s it like for Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games?

“Once a programmer has been assigned to work on a bug during triage they will make an attempt to fix it. After this fix attempt is made the bug goes back to the QA team to verify that the fix works and to check the system (and surrounding systems) to see if additional issues have been introduced in the fix attempt.

The update log (written by Yoshiro) also dives into what happens before a build is seeded or shipped to the public to consume.

“In the days leading into a release or update the QA team does a full game pass trying to make sure no new bugs have been introduced and that all tested fixes have made it into the release candidate build.”

If you want to read more about the bug squashing process and/or join and help report bugs, you can head over to RS2:V Steam’s Community page or to


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