Cities: Skylines Is Currently Available For Download On Xbox One
Cities Skylines Xbox One

If you’ve been craving more of a mindful muscle workout than what you’ve been getting from the current crop of Xbox One games, you might be pleased to know that Paradox Interactive has officially launched Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines onto the Xbox One.

The city-building and management game also was recently advertised for receiving a new expansion pack in May for PC involving a completely reworked mass transit system involving subways, trains, blimps and ferries.

They didn’t mention if Xbox One owners would be privy to the mass transit DLC, but the Xbox One version of Cities: Skylines will include the After Dark expansion that involves all new night-life activities and a completely retooled lighting system to take advantage of the evening time. Additional tourist attractions have also been included in the game, giving you more opportunities to bring life and excitement to your continually growing and bustling city.

The game is available for digital download in the United States for only $39.99, but you can either pick up a digital copy or a physical retail copy from your local store for €39.99.

Cities: Skylines originally launched on PC way back in 2015. It’s still available right now for only $29.99, and it garnered a massive following thanks to a lot of gamers being starved of a proper city simulator after Electronic Arts tried to rape the community with the undeveloped genitalia of that fetid abortion released in early 2013 known as SimCity.

Considering that Colossal Order made a right proper game and didn’t try impede on the expectations of city simulation fans the way the EU tried to impede on the U.K., with open borders, they managed to accrue around 3.3 million in sales of Cities: Skylines, according to SteamSpy.

Expect those sales to continue to escalate now that the game is on the Xbox One.

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