Cube World 64-Bit Edition Teased With Short Clip Featuring New Music
Cube World

Wolfram von Funck is still working on Cube World, even if it’s at a pace not well liked by many fans. Even still, he teased some new content for the open-world, adventure-RPG set within the beautifully rendered 3D 8-bit environment.

The first clip shows off some new shaders for the snow, giving the environment more depth and character as you travel about. You can check it out below.

The second clip is the one that got a lot of people fired up with excitement. It reminds me of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, featuring a great little bit of ocean music and some awesome sailing around the isles. You can check out the second clip below.

The new world map running in the 64-bit engine means more processes, larger environments, better optimization and more on-screen activity with fewer hiccups.

Cube World has been one of the games that’s been in development for a long time, as Wolfram has been taking his time getting the game up and out in a finished form. His methodical pace has received plenty of criticism from the community, which did not always go over well with Wolfram.

There have been multiple reports over the years about the slow development time for Cube World. Strangely there haven’t been any mass media campaigns set out to label it as a scam, though.

Even still, there’s a playable alpha that’s been available since 2013. When these new features that Wolfram is teasing on Twitter will be added is anyone’s guess since there’s no updates or info on the official website. The last update for the preview build of the game was back in 2014.


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