Deep Rock Galactic Closed Alpha Keys And Updates Detailed

Do you want to get into Deep Rock Galactic‘s Closed Alpha test? Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games are gearing up to release some more Closed Alpha keys so that fans can help with the development and offer feedback on Deep Rock Galactic. Additional information regarding updates and fixes have been detailed by the devs, too.

Deep Rock Galactic has been featured on this site multiple times due to the indie devs behind the game and their sheer effort of wanting to bring a fun and skillful game to gamers. The voxel-like multiplayer Dwarf game, however, received some new updates in that a new batch of Closed Alpha keys are being sent out, a new trailer is up for viewing, along with fixes and improvements to the game.

Below is a new “Trailer Comparison” video that sees the much older trailer compared to the most recent trailer. It’s worth noting that the trailer below was released this month, but compares two videos from 2016, which you can check out below.

Up next is the most recent changes made to Deep Rock Galactic. The devs posted over on the game’s Steam Early Access update page the latest improvements made. The update comes in as 0.3.1 (and is currently live) and brings a bevy amount of changes to the game.

Lastly, if you want to join the Closed Alpha, a note by one of the developers reads that…

“Since December, we have been sending out keys in batches to people on this list. And the feedback has been really positive and constructive. With the help our growing community, we have updated the Closed Alpha and will continue to do so until launch later this year. If you just signed up or are still waiting, then don’t despair: Good things come┬áto those who wait! We will continue to send out batches of keys, and if you are reading this, chances are pretty good that you’ll be included down the road.”

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