Destiny 2 May 18th Reveal Will Show Off New PC Version

Video game PC ports by developers who don’t care or are inexperienced can oftentimes be so atrocious that it can give a good game a bad name… and sometimes it can even tarnish the rep of the publisher and developer. Well, Bungie wants to bring Destiny 2 to PC and will even show off said version during its May 18th reveal, letting select folks play the game on PC and attempting to prove that they’re going to do right by the PC gaming audience. Destiny 2 is set to release September, 2017, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

News that Activision and Bungie sending out invitations to folks and gamers alike reveals that a PS4 and PC session will be up come May 18th. Attendees will be able to capture footage and share it across the interwebs for everyone to see after the event goes down, which Skill Up covers below.

One of the many questions behind all of this is will Destiny 2’s PC version be locked at 30fps, and how will the settings and options pan out?

I know that the devs will curate what will be shown to create an illusion of perfection in order to stir up more hype for the upcoming first-person looter shooter, but if the event does show a good port this move by the company will not only open up an avenue for more people to play the game, but a chance to increase the longevity of said title by reaching different gamers who fancy modding and using model files to make short films.

Furthermore, these players will be running different rigs and setups and if the port is done well enough to complement these rigs, the image of Destiny among players will likely grow to another level.

Sadly, the invites have already gone out to select gamers and media outlets for the hands-on session, meaning that we’ll receive the typical lies and fluff from media shills, but the good news is that YouTubers will be able to capture footage and share it with fans and gamers alike.

For me I’m not thrilled for Destiny 2, but if the devs manage to improve on the first game’s mistakes and better other areas of loot-caves and notorious grinding methods, I’m sure folks on PS4, Xbox One and PC will enjoy the second iteration… if done correctly.

Lastly, Destiny 2’s gameplay reveal is set to kick off on May 18th.


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