DiRT 4 Trailer Is Filled With Crashes, Bumps, And Flips
DiRT 4 Trailer

Codemasters rolled out a bumpy new trailer for DiRT 4, it’s only a minute long but it gives you an unbridled look at the dirty off-road racing that players will undertake in the upcoming racer.

The trailer highlights some of the traditional rally races around thin dirt roads, hilly snowy peaks, and forested areas, while also showing off the more break-neck bump and grind action of the Rallycross.

You can check out the trailer below, featuring a minute’s worth of some high-octane, high-impact racing across a number of rally disciplines.

A lot of fans of Codemasters’ series are filling up the comment section with a lot of hype and excitement for the game. The advanced physics and car handling is definitely on display in the trailer as we see more rolls, drifts, flips and crashes than what we’re normally used to seeing from DiRT.

A lot of this spawns from the fact that tracks now have an unpredictable element to them thanks to being able to generate them using the new track generation utility.

They explain in the press release that the Your Stage system allows players to create a “near infinite” number of rally stages to keep the replay intact and the action fresh.

These tracks can be used in conjunction with over 50 different licensed rally vehicles from the past and present. The locations span from five different locations, including Australia, Span, Michigan, Sweden and Wales.

The tracks also span the likes of different disciplines, from standard dirt tracks with Pro Buggies, to Pro-4 Trucks and Crosskarts. Each of the vehicles also have full damage models with a repair system.

All of these features can be experienced across both casual and career modes, along with an advanced Racenet multiplayer matchmaking, tournament , league and ladder system for online competitive play.

You can look for DiRT 4 to launch on June 6th for $59.99 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. For more info be sure to visit the official DiRT 4 website.


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