Doom 2 Mods Bring Super Hot And Moon Man To The Classic FPS

There are some new and semi-old mods that have surfaced for the original Doom 2 game made by id Software from decades ago. The classic FPS game is still going strong to this day thanks to modders, which these mods for the game bring two versions of Super Hot, Moon Man and DooW.

The first mod up on this list comes in by LudusRegard, who brings the stylized FPS game, Super Hot, to Doom 2. The much alive and kicking 1990’s first-person shooter changes drastically when this mod is in use, and can be seen below thanks to ICARUSLIV3S.

You can get this mod by heading over to ModDB.

A more recent Super Hot Doom mod by 111jani111 is currently in the works and can be supported by heading over to ModDB. The mod has no release date, but it is said that the full version can be downloaded through the given link.

The next mod on this list has faced a lot of censorship and has been taken down numerous times, being labeled as “too extreme”. However, the mod seems to be back up as of recent. There’s very little information on who created the mod due to all information being removed on various websites, so I can’t actually credit the original author since the first original page is gone for Moon Man Doom.

The mod sees players assuming Moon Man himself, Ben Garrison and Adolf Hitler. The player can pick either of the three, and sees each character wielding their own weapon set and attributes. Gggmanlives has a video covering the mod.

The mod may still be up as of this writing and can be downloaded over on or If the mod is not on either link, then it has been removed… yet again.

The last mod on this list comes in by DeXiaZ, and really flips things upside down. Now I personally don’t get the DooW mod, but a lot of people seem to enjoy it at the moment. A video showing the mod by ICARUSLIV3S sits below.

You can get this mod over on ModDB.

Doom is out now for PC and many other platforms, which the mods above are currently for PC.


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