Dragon Quest Heroes 2 PS4 Demo Now Playable

Fans of the Dragon Quest series will be able to play a demo of Dragon Quest Heroes 2 on their PS4 starting right now. The demo will allow players to explore some of the story mode, play some of the heroes featured in the full release and unveil much more.

Publisher Square Enix and developers Koei Tecmo and Omega Force’s Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is set to release in its full state in North America come April 25th for PS4 and PC. The game is also set to release in Europe on April 28th for PS4.

Looking back at the demo for the action RPG title, those looking to get a hold of the game well before it releases, over 20 days to be exact, will now have the chance to play the game early via a demo.

If you are wondering where this information comes from, publication site Gematsu recently revealed that Dragon Quest Heroes 2 demo is now playable, which offers quite a bit of stuff for those leery about the title and some content for those dying to play the game.

The demo is currently available in North America and Europe, which the official description sits below.

“DRAGON QUEST HEROES II is a hack-and-slash, field-roaming Action RPG that sends players on adventures to restore order in a once peaceful world filled with monsters and battles of epic proportions! Download and play the DEMO now to have a taste of the adventure!”

The demo features four playable characters out of the 15 in the game’s story mode — which can be found in the full-version. This includes new characters consisting of Lazarel and Teresa, and legacy characters like Carver of Dragon Quest VI and Maribel of Dragon Quest VII.

Players will be able to explore the game’s battle system, environments, loot, quests, hordes of enemies and a colossal boss when playing the demo.

The demo for Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is out now, while the actual Western version of the game is set to release at the end of April for PS4 and PC.


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