Hyper Dragon Ball Z, Fan-Made Project Available For Download

I know a lot of people will probably tell me to be quiet or to stay mum about this fan-made project so that it won’t face the cease and desist ban-hammer, but seeing how much work and effort that Team Z2 has put into Hyper Dragon Ball Z, credit must be given where it is due.

Catching wind from publication site GameRant, there is a new fighting indie project made by Team Z2 — which is just a Mugen fighting game. This indie fighting game is entitled Hyper Dragon Ball Z and features some pretty sick looking hand-drawn characters and animations, designed to reflect the quality of the popular Dragon Ball Z anime.

The dev team currently consists of Balthazar, Iced, Just No Point, XGargoyle, Daeron, Barker, AlexSin, Jango, Nico_18, HQ and Thedge. Team Z2 also received help from Cybaster, with another special guest named WizzyWhipItWondeful.

Before going even further into this fan-made project, the team posted up a disclaimer to note that this is a project for fans by fans that will not profit off of the original franchise of TOEI TV and Akira Toriyama, and the works of Capcom and Bandai Namco:


Hyper Dragon Ball Z is a non-profit fan game, made by fans for fans. If you ever had to click a AD.fly link or pay for it, you are being fooled! Follow us at Mugenguild.com. The download for this game is free. No Youtube revenue is made on this channel.


Dragon Ball is copyright of Akira Toriyama and TOEI TV. Please support the official releases! A big thanks to Capcom, Bandai Namco Entertainment , Akira Toriyama and many others without which this game wouldn’t be possible. And last but not least, a special thanks to YOU, for your continued support!”

Now that that is out of the way, the actual trailer containing the latest build of Hyper dragon Ball Z can be seen below, thanks to Balthazar YouTuber channel.


More updates, characters, stages and other content that adds to the core game will come later down the line. Balance patches are also said to be seeded to fix any problems with one vs. one fights.

If the above seems like something that you can get behind, more information can be found by following the official fan-made project note that can be found in the video’s YouTube description.

“To play the game, first download the .rar file. Once you’ve got it, extract it. Then go inside the root folder and launch ‘HyperDBZ.exe’. The default keyboard buttons are A, S, D for punches, Z, X, C for kicks, the arrow keys for movement and Enter for Start. You can configure the buttons to be mapped somewhere else by starting up the game, going to the Options Menu and then Button Config.”

It will be interesting to see if Bamco will do something to this project or not. hopefully the game sees the light of day and continues the passion that the devs have fueling them. But, if not, then we will likely see Bandai pull a page from the Nintendo leaflet of IP doom, which will inevitably see the fan-made project shut down.

For more information on this project or to download the latest build, you can hit up Mugenguild.com.


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