FFXIV: Daddy of Light TV Drama Will Air On Netflix For Worldwide Broadcast

I’ve been seeing Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light (or FFXIV for short) floating around the web a lot recently, and now I finally understand what it is.

To clarify, this is not in the world of Final Fantasy XV, starring Noctis, this tv mini-series is based on the world of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the previous game which is a massive multiplayer online game.

Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light is a Japanese TV drama that takes place in both the game and the real world. The plot follows a boy that buys his father Final Fantasy XIV, then proceeds to secretly help his father in-game using his own character without revealing his identity in an attempt to repair their broken relationship that has become rather distant over time. Apparently, this TV series is based on the real-life events of a boy and his father, as he chronicled their story on his personal blog site that he titled “The Father Of Light”.

The original screenshot that was posted on the blog.

YouTube channel The Foodie Geek, did upload the opening sequence for Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light, which gives us a glimpse of the cast of characters and a little bit about what the show will look like, and as you can see, the image above was recreated in the TV show. Take a look at the video linked below.

According to mmogames.com,Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light is scheduled to air on Mainichi Broadcasting System on April 16th, followed by the Tokyo Broadcasting System on April 18th. The TV drama will then go on to air on Netflix for a worldwide distribution, starting in Japan on April 20th and the rest of the world this upcoming Fall. The TV schedule for Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light was originally shared via Twitter, with a series of tweets made by the official Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light Twitter account. You can read those below

I can’t speak or read Japanese, but thanks to Google Translate technology, we can get the gist of the message that roughly translates to —

Thank you very much for everyone’s voices, and we kept you waiting!
“Father of light” Additional information! ️
Global distribution decision by Netflix
Furthermore, it creates delivery limited contents centering on game scenes
Netflix distribution start date in Japan starts from April 20 (Thursday)! (Overseas will be scheduled this autumn)

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