Fractured State, RTS Game “Coming Soon” To Steam

About a year ago we covered an RTS game called Fractured State that was about to enter Steam Early Access, but never did. As of today publisher GPAC and developer Mechanical Monocle put the game back up to enter Steam Early Access, and it’s now set to release for PC sometime “soon”.

If you are into RTS games and like to build up your faction using various defensive and offensive tactics, Fractured State might be a game worth keeping an eye on.

The game is all about taking over key bases, moving in close, using cover, managing your soldiers, paying attention to your troops’ accuracy and advancing forth to triumph your enemies.

The description for Fractured State sits below for you to look over.

“Fractured State refines the RTS genre into fast-paced strategic urban combat where the machine driven imperialistic faction of the Laperian Imperial Army battle to remain in control against the Children of the Ancients, worshipers and masters of an ancient power.”

The game features a system where your soldiers must keep a mental count of their ammo, or else they could fall short at a crucial moment. Soldiers do not have 100 percent accuracy, and no weapon is completely accurate; so you (the player) must close the gap at times to make up for ammo resources and soldier accuracy. One way to close the gap between your troops and your enemies is to occupy buildings and use objects to get closer.

Speaking of buildings and topography, battle maps are split up into sections or territories. Upon occupying the most structures in a territory will allow you and your soldiers to keep full dominance of it. These territories provide army-wide bonuses, increase soldier count, and access to reinforcements.

Although the game could use some polishing in my opinion, seeing that it was once a product of Steam Greenlight, I do have to give it to the small indie team in that ammo, accuracy, distance and environment props play an important roll when engaging enemies. With that said you can check out the new Early Access trailer below.

More information can be found on the dev team and the game Fractured State by hitting up


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