Frakas, Multiplayer Arena Fighting Game Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

Multiplayer online battle arena games are occupied with pseudo-RTS style titles with MMO-style progression and microtransaction-laden gimmicks to keep people buying, playing and spending like some kind of green-haired, purple-dress wearing underground flesh-mosh. The reality is that multiplayer battle arena games don’t have to utilize the tried, tested and trite MOBA formula that dominates the market. A perfect example of a game aiming to disrupt the field with something a bit different from the norm is Oakmoss Games’ Frakas.

In what could best be described as a spiritual successor to OGPlanet’s Lost Saga, the game Frakas features a diverse collection of wacky, otherwordly, over-the-top, and unique characters all lodged together into tiny multiplayer battle arenas where only the fittest survives.

The game is a little bit like an overhead beat-’em-up title fused with a standard multiplayer deathmatch game.

They have some early prototype-style footage of the game’s arena combat. You can check it out below featuring some of the characters wailing away at each other using their specials.

It’s very bare bones at the moment, obviously, and it’s still heavy in development but they plan on adding in more characters, arenas, and game modes.

The main goal is to eventually finish the game and ship out a copy that’s available on Steam for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s an indie title with lofty goals, and seems to be trying to follow in the footsteps of other multiplayer arena games like Tobal No. 1 and Power Stone.

The full game will feature 30 different playable characters, cross-platform multiplayer, and will be free-to-play when it finally releases.

The modes will include a free-for-all for up to five players, a chaos mode for up to 10 players, and a capture-the-flan mode that requires taking pieces off the flan and putting it on a scale. It’s like a capture the flag mode but obviously centered around the gastronomic treat sitting at the center of the stage.

The last mode is called Big Mobile Monster and is a PvE mode where a group of players must take down a giant mobile monster.

If you think this game has potential and you would like to see it come to full fruition (and to the Steam store), you can upvote and favorite Frakas by visiting the Steam greenlight page.


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