Ghost Recon: Wildlands Narco Road DLC To Hit PC, Xbox One And PS4 On April 25th

If you happen to fancy Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands and seek more things to do within the  Bolivian paradise that’s been riddled with crime, Ubisoft has the latest expansion entitled Narco Road, which is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on April 25th.

As an extra bonus Ubisoft will release a free update before Narco Road debuts to the public to consume. The free update will go live for Xbox One and PS4 players on April 12th and on April 14th for PC players. This free event will offer season challenges and new rewards to participating players.

The first themed-season named “The Rise and Fall of Unidad” will task players to target Unidad operations. The challenges for the first season are said to refresh every Wednesday for six weeks, and reward participants with up to three special rewards each week.

Looking over to the highlighted DLC, Narco Road, featured on, we learn that…

“New targets, new vehicles, and a new approach to taking down the cartel are all coming soon in the Narco Road expansion for Ghost Recon Wildlands. In order to dismantle a smuggling ring led by the elusive El Invisible, you and your squad will have to infiltrate the gangs under his control and earn the respect of three new bosses. Each boss commands a gang with its own identity”.

According to the blog post, over 15 new campaign missions will be present in the DLC, four new mission types and racing challenges.

DLC is said to task players to gain enough followers and reputation so that fellow Ghosts can get in close enough to the new top leaders and execute them before they gain too much power. In an attempt to take out these new targets, vehicles like Muscle cars with nitro boosts, acrobatic planes, chopper bikes and monster trucks will be at your disposal.

Lastly, four outfits and nine new weapons will make an appearance in the $14.99 DLC when April 25th rolls around — for those who own the Standard and Deluxe Edition of Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Those who own the Season Pass will be able to play the DLC early on April 18th.


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