Google-Sponsored Ambassador Program Seeks To Double Women Working In Games Over 10 Years
Girl Gamer
(Last Updated On: April 1, 2017)

The Women in Games initiative has launched an ambassador program that’s being sponsored by Google’s Women Tech Makers division. The idea is to double the amount of women working in the video game industry over the course of 10 years.

According to a report by, the Women In Games ambassadorship program will see 43 individual female ambassadors working with educators and industry leaders, along with local government in order to encourage young girls at schools, colleges and universities to consider a career in game making.

They’re attempting to form long-term partnership deals and establish “strategic relationships” in order to push forward with the initiative to raise the amount of women working in the tech field.

According to Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO of Women In Games, she mentioned in the press statement…

“During our 2016 European Women in Games Conference I ran a workshop to initiate this scheme and the enthusiasm and drive of the individuals who attended was extraordinary. We are extremely excited to see what our Ambassadors will achieve and confident that this initiative will have substantial impact in supporting us with our strategic goals.”

According to UBM Tech’s GDC 2017 survey, only 20% of the industry professionals who participated in the survey identify as a woman.

The industry leaders from major groups like the IGDA and the organizers of GDC, along with tech leaders like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Intel, have been heavily pushing to get more women into the STEM field, and by proxy, tech fields like interactive entertainment.

What’s interesting is that according to a research report from Accenture, they estimate that unless women are heavily encouraged (forced?) into STEM fields the number of women working in the computer engineering and tech field will decrease from 24% to 22% by 2025, as reported by USA Today.

However, these numbers may not be too far off based on the 2016 Raytheon STEM Index, which revealed that while fewer women showed interest electrical engineering, computer science and coding, they overwhelmingly showed a great deal of interest in veterinarian science and medicinal fields, making up for 80% of the those enrolled at Cornell University in the field of Veterinary Medicine, as reported by US News.

The decline in interest in computer science by a majority of women and an increase in interest in biology and medicine isn’t some grand conspiracy according to Cornell University psychologist Wendy Williams. She explains that women are simply choosing to pursue the fields they find interesting, saying…

“Women are choosing to do different things. Everyone doesn’t want to be an electrical engineer or to do computer science, and that’s not a failure or flaw,”

Women In Games seems to disagree, hence why they’re pursuing, aggressively, various methods to bring more women into the computer science field at younger ages and to further encourage them to get into the field of interactive entertainment and making video games. They’ll continue to use Google’s sponsorship funds to turn this goal into a reality over the next 10 years.

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  • wcg

    Regardless of gender, I’ve discouraged my kids from getting into game development. It’s often the first go-to profession for gamer kids as in “what do you want to do when you grow up?” However, the work/life balance sucks compared to other STEM fields as does the job security. I’ve encouraged my daughter to consider STEM fields, she’s an A+ student, but simply isn’t interested. She wants to go to art school. I like to feel we haven’t enforced any particular roles on our kids and that they’ve made up their choices based on their own preferences.

    • Sounds like good parenting.

      It’s not that every single decision a kid wants to make in regards to their future will be the right one (like art school, because let’s be honest… it’s not a really secure employment field) but supporting and encouraging their choices sure beats trying to force them to do stuff they don’t want to do.

      And as much as I hate to say it, you’re right about encouraging them away from the interactive entertainment field. Unless you’re 210% passionate about making games, it’ll suck the life right out of you and take all of your best years with sometimes very little in return. I plan to get back into that grind when I get more free time, but it’s because I love the industry so much.

      But it’s not for everyone and if your kids show talent in any STEM field, they’ll definitely benefit more from just about any technical profession that isn’t in game design.

  • SevTheBear

    Oh FFS. Pros for them not giving up that easily. But to try force young girls and women into gaming ain’t the freaking way to do it. It will just scare them away. I take telling them that is a HUGE waste of time >_<

    • I find that young girls are usually most interested in games, but after puberty they don’t really care about games as much.

      It’s possible they could convince young girls(before puberty) to take up computer science, but a lot of times they just drop out as they get older. It was the same thing when I was taking those courses as well. Just fewer and fewer females were interested in the harder design/programming courses.

      As others mentioned, it just seems like it would be more productive to help cultivate and grow the areas where they do show interest.

      • SevTheBear

        I agree. Even Christina Hoff Sommers made a video with research showing where women and men had different taste in what kind of work they liked. Men just is more into tech than women. Women on the other hand are better with social work.

        I think I heard that most women working withing the gaming industry is either writer and art designer.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    – Let’s push more women to join the video games development industry!
    – Uuuum…how about pushing more women to get into labor jobs and join the army?
    – *cricket sound*


    • Disqusted

      I heard Sweden is conscripting women now? I heard Sweden is also terrified of Russia invading them.

  • Salt Miner

    It never ceases to amuse me on how Leftist idiots such as feminists cunts double-down on quantity in “diversity” over quality.

    • Disqusted

      Imagine how pointless all of this would be if we could easily (magically) change race/gender at will.

      Or not. I guess we’d then have assholes trying to convince everyone to join their “side”, and creating incentives to get people to “switch”.

  • durka durka

    Will youtube exist in 10 years though?

    “Women are choosing to do different things.”

    Better bitch and whine about it and when someone makes a game they talk about their feelings…or cleaning (yes those are actual games celebreated by the media) ….dont tell me i need to play it or gamers are dead.

  • Alistair

    Hey how they know that video games are gonna last 10 years,

    Remember regression SJW want to destroy video games it may take 10 years.

    • That’s a strangely good point that I did not consider.

    • Disqusted

      Yeah. SJW nonsense aside, it feels like the industry has been dragging itself in the dirt for a while now.

      When I watched Arika’s April Fools’ SFEX thing yesterday, I realized it’s the first fighting game I’ve really wanted to play, in almost two decades.

  • Gorgon

    If this is April Fools prank, it’s not very funny.

  • RichardGristle

    Quotas – Because fuck qualifications!

    • Disqusted

      “F**k talent and skill! Color and genitals all the way!”

  • MusouTensei

    So the western gaming industry will be dead in less than 10 years.

  • Disqusted

    Throughout my life, whenever I want to do something, people keep telling me it’s women only, or special offers for women only, or they want women. I’ve never seen anyone around me say stuff is guys only. It’s always “girls only”. When it was about college courses, the number of women interested in those fields tended to be much less, despite all the special bonuses for females.

    Idiots think it’s because of males suppressing females. Maybe females just aren’t interested, or they don’t see a need to work their asses off, when they can have males do it for them, or simply play the victim for pity cash. Or they’re driven away from certain fields because the mainstream media keeps fearmongering them as being an oppressive hell for females.

    And here’s something I never seem to see anyone talk about. I’ve met and heard of so many females who get their boyfriends and/or male friends to do their work for them. Even some of the talented females I met in college relied on their boyfriends to provide them with taxi service, computer hardware and such. Those are privileges that lone male students often don’t have.

    Of course females are going to perform better when they get so much more assistance, recognition, praise, emotional/financial support, etc, etc. You can bet most of those females received full credit for their “achievements”, going on to secure fancy positions with their “credentials”, especially with so many workplaces actively seeking female employees, while the males that helped them die in the gutter, unknown and unsuccessful.

    It also downplays the achievements of women who do work hard. You know how people say “everyone questions women teachers, they don’t question men”. Maybe it’s because so many women cheat their way up the ladder by having men do their shit for them? It happens. One of the guys who complained to me about how women aren’t as trusted, was constantly doing his mother’s job’s work for her. And besides, my personal experience is most people tend to question/doubt others regardless of gender, skin color, age, etc.

    Also reminds me of how women often complain, “guys can walk around safely at night” or “people take guys seriously”. No, walking around at night is generally dangerous for everybody, and most people are so up themselves they don’t listen to other people, full stop. Gender has nothing to do with it.

  • Keystone

    I’m sure these ambassadors and the women they’re looking for have no blatant ideological or political bias against men/gaming as a hobby. Nah, certainly not.

  • Bamf

    I can see it now…. Lara Croft. A young and voluptuous woman, with a 200b curvaceous body travels to the lost city of Atlanta, to find sexy mermen who don’t realize that they are white privileged. The brave young, now gender fluid woman must use her mighty female studies education to teach them the folly of their ways….

  • Bamf

    Great, more games no one will ever buy!

  • Why not just let girls/women naturally decide for themselves what to pursue for a career instead of forcing encouraging them to do something they may not even be naturally interested in? Basically this is yet another case of these Women’s groups/feminists trying to control and dictate what women should be allowed to do and what women shouldn’t be allowed to do. It just goes to show you that it’s all these women’s and feminist’s groups who are the ones that have no interest in freedom of choice and freedom of diversity.

    Also, I read recently that Donald Trump has just signed into law an initiative to give girls/women the advantage into getting them into STEM fields, a system which obviously discriminates against boys/men. I wonder what the alt-right Trump-loving Pepe crowd have to say about this eh? Hah.

    (And for the record, I am NOT a Hillary Clinton fan. I’m neither on the left or the right. I do not trust and dislike ALL politicians.)

    • Mr.Towel

      I don’t consider myself alt-right but I do support Trump.

      On my end, that’s how politics go. It’s a pain in the ass, sure, but in politics you do have to concede somethings so you can get something else done. You have to appease or you will end up as Obama, enclosed on a political island that will sink as soon as you become a lame duck. Besides, if you’re searching for a political candidate which agrees with you on everything you don’t understand how this game works.

      As long as the core message doesn’t change and it’s not betrayed I don’t see much issue with that.

      • Bamf

        I have to agree. I was surprised finding myself voting Republican, but Hillary is just such a bad person, and the idiots who think games promote “rape culture” flock to her.

        • Disqusted

          I saw an image of a convo where some people still think Hillary is a nice old lady who just wants to help people.

          The ignorance and propaganda is strong.

      • Fair enough. I fully understand that politicians always have cater to all sides of the poitical spectrum at some point. It ensures that pressure is taken off him and that he gets the votes from all sides in order to stay President.

        Anyway, I was referencing the die-hard Trump lovers who think he cannot do no wrong.

        • Disqusted

          Probably because Trump feels like our only remaining hope at this point. Obviously he’s not perfect, but I’m sure a lot of people desperately want him to be.

          It’s also hard to tell if Trump is just pretending to cater to some sides, while he aims for something else. Don’t know what his true motives are.

          This all reminds me, during the Arika April Fools’ stream yesterday, if I heard/understood correctly, Arika said part of the reason they’re not making an actual game is because of the world being in turmoil, and some people in the comments started blaming Trump.

          They don’t understand that almost all the hysteria surrounding Trump is because Trump poked the giant festering cancerous parasital beehive that’s been sucking the life out of everyone. It’s like people would much rather curl up and die, than deal with the turmoil of putting up a fight.

          Kinda reminds me of Persona 5, actually. But I can’t talk about that, because spoilers.

    • Why not just let girls/women naturally decide for themselves what to pursue for a career instead of forcing encouraging them to do something they may not even be naturally interested in?

      lol… because women tend to veer toward fields centered on nurturing/helping others in a practical way. They’re usually only interested in engineering when it can be practically applied in some way to help. It’s why you’ll find plenty of women helping in the bionics field for amputees, but not so much in the AI field.

      Like the stats showed above from the Raytheon STEM index… women (a majority, but not all) are interested in STEM when it relates to how it can be used in relation to their nurturing instincts.

      • Disqusted

        It just seems like such a waste that modern society doesn’t take advantage of what people are naturally talented at. Instead we have this ridiculous obsession with faceless numbers.

    • Disqusted

      I recall The_Donald people on Reddit weren’t too happy about it. I’m against it also. There’s no reason to provide incentives to ONLY women. We should be nurturing the best of the best, regardless of race or gender. Not giving special bonuses if you were lucky to be born a specific way. The behavior of all the feminists and shit very much reeks of “we don’t care about actual women, we just want the numbers”.

      I still don’t know if we can trust Trump. I think it’s generally kinda foolish to entrust large-scale governing to some random person most of us don’t really know. But that’s the way the system works.

      What I do know for certain, is that the people Trump is up against, who are still trying so hard to crush him, are without a doubt absolutely evil. I don’t believe in sides of good or bad, but they are definitely bad.

      As long as Trump stands up to them, it probably can’t be worse than letting them have their way with us. You know what politics is like anyway, always gotta take the good with the bad. Like everything else, I guess.

  • daniel_ream

    Twenty-five years ago when I started in engineering, there was a huge push on to increase the number of women enrolled in the engineering department at my alma mater. Chemical engineering had the highest ratio, at ~35%, then civil at 25%. The number of female students in the other departments (electrical, computer, mechanical, etc) was essentially zero. I think there were two in mech eng.

    After twenty-five years of mentorship programs, scholarships, high school outreach, and advertising showing tomboyish girls fixing bicycles with wrenches (caption: “I want to be an engineer just like my Mom”), enrollment of women in engineering at my old university has _dropped_ 7-10% across the board.

    (Of the women in my original chem eng class, all but six of them dropped out or transferred to other programs after first year. I suspect the fact that most of them were there on vagina-having scholarships had something to do with this.)

    • Mr.Towel

      I don’t get the tomboyish thing, women want to be feminine and beautiful, why would anyone advertise them as masculine? This will only drive them further out, like using female bodybuilders as fitness models for women.

      The STEM fields that have more women, on my experience, are usually ones involving chemistry or art on some form. Like, they’re not that interesting in becoming chemical engineers but cosmetics engineer? Count them all in. Civil engineering? Meh. Architecture? Hoorray. Asselmby Hardware Coding? Meh. “Web design” (it’s barely STEM) Hoorray. And so on. Nothing really wrong with that, I saw many women who like cooking trying to get in Molecular Gastronomy, but it goes to show you can’t force this stuff on people, their interest have to be genuine, which will not be equal across the board.

      • Bamf

        Thank you!
        I want women to have the same rights as men, but there’s nothing wrong with being feminine and having goals related to them 🙂

        • Women have more rights than men in the Western societies. I hope you realize this.

      • Disqusted

        Because the West looks down on feminity as weak and useless, and worships masculinity/manliness as strength and power. That’s one of the reasons why “feminists” keep trying to turn women into men, and hate feminine females.

        Westerners are always ranting on and on about “strong independent females” and “badasses”. The West doesn’t see value in being in a supportive role. Everyone wants to be the lead hero chosen one “badass” on the front lines.

        I don’t know if the West has always been like that, or why Westerners think this way.

        True feminists value feminity, not try to destroy it and replace it with masculinity. True members of society understand that society consists of all kinds of people working together, not lone wolves trying to hog the spotlight by themselves.

        And yeah, you can’t force shit on people. All “progressive” bullshit is doing is destroying opportunities for people who aren’t born the politically correct skin color or gender. There’s nothing more racist or sexist than judging people solely by that criteria, instead of their merits as an individual.

        Those idiots shouldn’t be trying to get “equal ratio” bullshit, they should be trying to make sure EVERYONE has at least a chance to do what they want. It shows they don’t give a damn about people. They just want numbers to show off with.

        • They’re bascially dismissing equality of opportunity and instead advocating for equality of outcome.

          Equality of outcome means that people are discriminated against on the basis of their gender or/and skin color in order to reach an unnatural “equal outcome”. It’s genuine sexism and racism, mainly towards men and Caucasians.

          True feminists value feminity, not try to destroy it and replace it with masculinity.

          I wouldn’t be so sure on that.

          • Disqusted

            Maybe “true feminism” isn’t the correct word for it. I get the impression past feminists wanted to be accepted for being women, while current feminists want women to be accepted as men. They’re always trying really hard to be like men, do manly things, beat men, be rude like men, etc. It’s like they don’t value or respect feminity, which seems to me like the opposite of what feminism should be.

            One thing’s for sure… a lot of people have completely different ideas of what “feminism” should be, even within the “feminists” themselves.

          • GTKRWN

            Feminism has always been about women getting all of the benefits of a society with none of the costs.

            “Feminism” has never fought for the right to give up a life boat on the Titanic, or to demand they must register for the draft in exchange for their right to vote.

          • Disqusted

            I wouldn’t say it’s always been that way. I think they used to be about fighting actual unfairness towards women (a LONG time ago), but then they got co-opted by greedy selfish assholes who realized feminism could easily be used to play the victim and get pity cash.

            I mean, it’s obvious the majority of current feminists don’t give a damn about actual female victims. Only themselves.

            And it can never be about equality if they’re only looking at the problems that one side experiences. That’s why it’s called “feminism”, not “equalism” or whatever.

        • Mr.Towel

          It wasn’t always like that in the West. Feminists already poisoned the well of Historical knowledge, they like to paint times past as dark ages where all women were merely slaves to men, which is a gross exaggeration.

          In many ancient Western cultures you had goddesses who were one of the most important symbols of protection, for all woman can develop motherly traits and mothers are always protective. That is the reason sailors would sculpt statues of mermaids on their ship, they believed that females mythical beings would protect them better than male ones. This tradition went as far back as greek sailors and lasted till about half of the 20th century.

          This comprehension of women as protectors of children and the weak was strong association through the whole of the ancient western world, even catholics, right in the Middle Ages, would sculpt bare breasts and open vaginas on the walls of their churches because to them it meant motherly protection. And so strong was that belief that Mary, the mother of Jesus, became one of the strongest symbols of Catholicism.

          It wasn’t exclusive to religion either, even to this day we sometimes find burying grounds of women buried with their earthly possession, possession ranging from jewerly to actual slaves and servants. This already implies that they had some notion of female rights and right to property. Many ancient legal codes also had laws regulating punishment for rape, which already implies it was perceived as vile. Vikings and some other German cultures even had the concept of divorce coming from the Wife and separation of property as early as 800 AC.

          When the Enlighment came along at the 18th century, religion started to slowly loose its grasp on culture and these symbols were lost, society became more pragmatical, more utilitarian, and from that perspective, it seems that men do all the important work and women do nothing. Evangelicals at USA recovered some of that symbols of women as supportive workers, but it was a very enchained form of female power, as sex and beauty was perceived as sin and vanity.

          That is one of the main differences in the cultures of the West and East. How they perceive sex. In the western world, since Christianity got the monopoly of culture, sex was always perceived as something sinful, wrongful. Even marital sex was somewhat sinful, necessary, but still sinful nonetheless. In Eastern cultures that wasn’t exactly the case. Eastern asians tend to perceive sex in a way similar to alcohol, in which it is an fun adult activity done for pleasure and social connection. As alcohol, it’s not perceived as inherently bad or sinful, but it can become addicting and as alcohol addiction, alcoholism, it can destroy your life, so you should be a little mindful about it, but it’s not exactly sinful.

          This perception on sex completely changes the perception of women on society, because the control they have over sex is one women’s natural abilities, one of their natural powers, they’re the gatekeepers of sex and comfort inside a society, they control its flux and are one of main stones of a healthy and happy life. One of our greatest philosophers, Aristotle, by 300 Before Christ already had perceived that the happiness of a society could be measured by the happiness of their women, exactly because of the amount of power women have on day-to-day living. A society where women are not able to perform their natural inclination is a society filled with empty grumpy women who will make the life of everyone a living hell.

          It seems that on eastern societies understood these natural power and affinities of women much more strongly than western societies. It’s amazing the amount of western men that travel to Eastern Asia and then come to understand what the artists and poets of the past spoke about the power muses and true femininity.

          I know that still today, on places like Japan, you can still find family structures where the man is the bread winner of the family, but instead of keeping his money all to himself, he gives all his monthly salary to his wife, because women are the administrators of home. She then separates a portion of that money to give it to him as a monthly allowance to spend on “men stuff”: cars, video games, porn an so on. As much as he pleases. Just to give you an idea at how quickly the West derailed, you could still find this family structure on Britain by the end of World War II. Such family administration would be unthinkable today because of how cynic, poisoned and toxic the relationships between men and women have become.

          Thanks feminism.

          • An interesting insight, well said.

            Thanks feminism.

            Should thank the men too for being such gullible gynocentric cowards.

          • Disqusted

            Yeah, I know it wasn’t always like that in the West. There’s so much evidence that women weren’t treated like utter shit in the past, unlike what people today seem to believe. I didn’t know some of what you described though, like that they sculpted vaginas and breasts on walls of churches. Thanks for all of that information. Highly agree with everything you described, it all fits what I’ve previously heard and seen.

            I think that at some point, probably when you described religion slowly losing its grasp on culture, society started to highly value stuff associated with men’s work (possibly an increased focus on strength and independence, being a hero, earning money, etc) and at the same time, ignoring all the important contributions women make (support, keeping the family running, managing the household, etc). That’s a big part of the problem.

            And we’ve talked about this in the comments a little before, I’m certain a big part of destroying the relationship between men and women is to control population growth.

            This all reminds me that I once had an adult woman friend I stopped talking to, because she started insisting that women were always oppressed by men, not allowed to own castles, and stuff like that. They kept trying to justify Western feminism stuff by comparing to how women are oppressed in the Middle East. I couldn’t have a reasonable conversation with them anymore.

            It’s just so sad that people are so ignorant of the past, when it’s so important. People keep telling me “it doesn’t matter, it already happened, look forward”. But we can’t learn from our mistakes if we ignore the past. Or twist it into something completely different, like people nowadays seem to love doing.

          • Mr.Towel

            The vaginas on church walls I’m referring to are the Sheela na gig, if you’re interested in knowing more ( ). It wasn’t common to all churches from that time but many similar imagery can be found through all catholic culture. Like the mother of Jesus and many other female saints being depicted bare breasted to demonstrate their motherly protection.

            I’ve seen similar arguments, like the one made by your lady friend, being made by other people. And they usually come from the misconception that the way Muslim treat their women is a sample, a representative, of the way women were treated in the past by the whole of western society.

            That is a misconception, it wasn’t. Even for medieval standards the way that Muslims treat their women is barbaric, brutal. Even texts from that time call them exactly that, barbaric. The veil for example. In Catholic history, the veil for common women was a suggestion, not a rule, not an order. The only women required to the use veil were Nuns, common women would usually dress more freely. In Islamic societies the veil is an order to every women in every corner of society, defying it will result in legal punishment. It is brutal and always have been so.

            The way women were treated in the past was in no way equal or just, of course, but it wasn’t equal simply because they were women or that men arbitrarily decided they were superior. It was largely because that primitive societies can only thrive through hard, heavy, manual labor, be it combat or farming, which men in general are simply better at, their biology is more adapted to it. Most people can’t comprehend the level of hard work necessary to just survive in those times, nothing was readily available. Leisure time was few and far between and most of the time, just to survive, you would start working on your land or workshop, with heavy impact tools, as soon as you woken up and it went on till you had to sleep. People could easily see that most women weren’t able to keep up with men in this sort of work, and that was most of the work that needed to be done to guarantee survival. If a man got sick and his wife had to take his place, she wouldn’t be able to plough through the land 12 hours a day, 7 days a week just as him. She and none of other common women couldn’t, they would get tired out earlier, perform weaker blows and so on. Simply because women’s biology are not made for this sort of work, they don’t have the testosterone required to keep the maintenance of their muscles up to the task. And there was no other form of work available, not to the common man. To be able to survive at that time without hard labor, just with the dealings of the mind, you would have to have been born in a rich affluent family. And from those families, many great women appeared, women with power, women who owned castles, and servants and etc. But for the common people the only way to survive is through hard labor, men can perform hard manual labor better than women, therefore they were more valuable to their own families, to that particular society in that particular time, to their circle of people, for survival.

            Today that isn’t true anymore, not as strongly as it was on the past. We have machines to perform labor, we have the division of labor making everything easily tradeable and available, we have much more free time, leisure time, and the dealings of the mind are very well paid, they are valuable. Hard manual labor is not a necessity for survival for everyone. Society does need hard manual labor to exist, even today, it still is the basis for society, the infrastructure, but it isn’t necessary for the survival of most individuals, they can get their food and their needs through trade and other means. And truth be told, when the imperative need for hard manual labor began to disappear, so began the rise of women in society, exactly because men weren’t “oppressing” women because of their “evilness”, but simply an inevitability as how primitive societies are structured around labor and survival. As soon as that imperative went away, men started to move over to give more space for women (if men were truly patriarchal, feminism would have never achieved even an inch of what they have achieved, that’s not how totalitarian systems work).

            The feminist narrative is simply false, it finds no corroboration on the real world.

        • A lot of this spawned after WWII, when women were put into the role of men after so many of them left to go fight overseas. The family structure was greatly disrupted by this, and it carried through to Vietnam, which further disrupted the nuclear family.

          If you’ll notice it was after this that feminism began shifting and changing — it was necessary to a degree because there was sexism in the workplace against women and they did need some sort of protection for equality — but it also opened up a pathway for other feminists to use it as a way to make female superiority look sexy to the average woman.

          It didn’t quite catch on back in the day, and through the 80s, 90s things were relatively calm, but they were still brewing under the table. By the 00s, when SJWs started their conquest of the education system, it reared its head — they misconstrued stats to push their agenda, turned everything men did into “sexism”, and convinced a lot of insecure young girls and beta-male white knights to join the cause.

          After the WWII thing, the shift had already taken seeds, and femininity was starting to take shape in the west as a hindrance (hence the whole sexual revolution that happened shortly thereafter where women were encouraged to be who they were and seek out their own pleasures). Things only devolved from there, and some feminist sects used that as a way to say that men both oppressed women’s sexuality, and also that feminine sexuality was a hindrance and only there for the “male gaze”.

          Cue all sorts of BS where a lot of women are now left confused and bitter because they’re told that being feminine will just make them a tool of the patriarchy. They’re also told that men will always under appreciate their efforts, hence their use of the WWII imagery of Rosie the Riveter as some sort of symbol that woman have always been hard workers and not been paid or treated equal for their efforts, thus they must further themselves into male dominated areas to “overthrow the patriarchy”.

          A lot of it is BS, though, because all they’ve done is completely screw-up the male/female dynamic. Women working as hard or as long as men mean they’re no longer viable for child-rearing; only women can rear children, though. Some people have wizened up and realized that society is currently screwed, and now they’re trying to alter things so women in the work force can have some viability for starting or raising a family.

          • Alistair

            If you turn a woman into a male she be called butch and there are women out there with deep manly voice that scary.

          • Hibernia86

            I’m pretty sure that they meant changing women’s social role to that of a man’s, not her physical body.

          • Disqusted

            Thanks for the detailed explanation.

            I think a part of the push for equality is also because businesses realized that women as workers/customers are just as profitable as men, if not moreso.

            For example, I heard that around the 1920s there was a push to get women into smoking, so that they could sell more cigarettes, and they pushed it as being something strong and independent, which seems very effective at appealing to people in general.

            Then they always try to make things sound like, “men have it better”, and so women who believe that, are always aiming for what they BELIEVE men have, when in reality men often have it worse. Grass is always greener on the other side, and all that.

            When those women get where they think they want to be, and realize it’s not so great, they don’t want to admit they were fooled into chasing an impossible dream, and instead blame men for somehow still hiding the non-existent greatness from them. The “glass ceiling”, so to speak.

            All of this just ends up creating conflicts based on complete myths. It’s such an awful mess.

          • I think a part of the push for equality is also because businesses realized that women as workers/customers are just as profitable as men, if not moreso.


            Divorce is also a huge economic factor — it’s like social commerce for civic leaders, lawyers, real estate agents and schools. I don’t know if they still do it, but there used to be tons of commercials for divorce lawyers. Two people working who get divorced means double the real estate, double the expenses for the kid, double the car payments, and lawyer fees.

            Forcing women to “behave like men” means a lot of people in high places get to make a lot of money off fooling women into thinking that the grass is greener.

          • Disqusted

            Hah, I didn’t know they had commercials for divorce lawyers. That’s sad.

          • Hibernia86

            I agree with most of what you say, although I’d like to point out that while women are the only ones capable of giving birth to children, since the invention of the baby bottle there has been equality physically in who can raise the children. Women may have more inclination to raise children biologically and socially, but they aren’t the only ones who can do it.


    I’m still waiting for the push to increase the number of female mechanics or welders. Oh… Jewish feminism has no interest in hard jobs that don’t involve sitting at a desk and thinking up how you can destroy male friendly hobbies with social propaganda? How coincidental.

    • Mr.Towel

      lol female sewage workers and urologists as well

    • Bamf

      You know, my proctologist was a straight, white male!

      We need more lesbian women of color inspecting our buttholes!

      • GTKRWN

        Most of those positions were filled by the TSA.

    • Disqusted

      Speaking of that, YouTube recommended this to me the other day:

    • Hibernia86

      Jewish feminism? The vast majority of the feminists I see are white liberal Christians or Atheists.

      • GTKRWN

        The Marxist school of thought pushed by these groups are written by Jews, promoted by Jews, and their pussy protests funded by Jews. Their goals, which they no longer even pretend to hide, is the destruction of the family group and a sharp reduction of white people breeding. They have accomplished both by making relationships toxic.

        The goyim are viewed as cattle for a reason. They obey so nicely.

  • Mr.Towel

    These organizations like “Women in *Insert Field Here*” are always inherently feminist. Their sole existence depends on the assumptions that a given field has fewer women because they’re patriarchal, masculine, toxic to women, not because women are not that interested in it. It’s a very feminist view.

    And to me, what’s worse is that this kind of programs only serve to bring women and the industry down. Because the organization is not really interested in the quality of skilled women they produce, they just want to produce the most amount of women barely skillable in the fastest way possible, to turn up the numbers on paper. They always end up being something like “Weekend Code-a-ton!” where they learn to make games in cheap standards, with crappy languages and crappy libraries. Some kind of high level language that makes “developing games easy!” and some quick low effort assets. Which is passable if you want to start in this industry as a indie developer, but people shouldn’t stop their game development skills there, unfortunately is what usually happens in these workshops and quick courses.

    So you end up with a bunch of low skill women trying to get in the industry, and this will only create what feminists are trying to fight: the notion that women are low skills coders and artists. Way to shoot your own feet.

    • And you know that this will lead to employers hiring women over men for good PR and virtue signalling.

      You have a vagina? You’re in.

      You have a penis? Nah, don’t want you, go away.

      • Bamf

        Hey, I’m gender fluid! One day I have a penis, and the next day, I’m a butterfly!

      • Mr.Towel

        And then we get Mass Effect Andromeda.

      • GTKRWN

        Lead to? This is already the norm. It’s what happens when women absolutely dominate HR. White men have a crippling handicap in hiring for any position, as if a one legged albino lesbian with half your qualification applies they’re getting the job just to tick off the mandatory diversity quotas.

        Of course if women were actually paid 23% less then men “for the same work” women would already absolutely dominate all careers. Another easily debunked feminist lie.

        • JB258294

          I see your point but as a male HR manager I have to tell you that a) most hr girls are as fed up about it as everyone else and b) hr guys also are pressured to follow diversity codes. These don’t come from HR, they come from the top of the company if not from a regulator or a government. It’s nothing to do with ‘girls dominating HR’. Diversity is a pain in the ass for them also.

        • JB258294

          And yes women overall are paid less…. just not at minimum wage/standardised pay jobs. But at the higher level when salary is agreed, the women get low balled because more often than not they don’t negotiate.

  • FlamingoJet

    Nice April Fool’s, Google.

    • Disqusted

      I heard Google’s April Fool’s image depicts a Muslim hugging a gay guy or something like that? I hear Muslims hate gays. Dunno if they’re all like that, though. If true, it really shows how damn ridiculously ignorant and deluded “progressivism” is. Of course, we already knew that.

      • AR7777

        In muslim law homosexuality is punished by death

        • Disqusted

          That’s what I heard. What I’m not so sure about is how many Muslims follow their religion to the letter. You know how most people are with religions, they usually just follow the parts they like, and ignore the rest.

          I mean, are there Muslims out there who don’t really care about homosexuality? Or maybe they get crushed by other Muslims for not following the beliefs to the letter?

          • VLOCKUP

            It is all very complex stuff.

  • anopolis

    why????… I mean where is the program to have more men be …i dunno..midwives??…this is stupid. If women aren’t interested then they aren’t interested…where all the women railroad workers? or coal miners?…diversity just for diversity’s sake is full blown retarded.

  • patriarchal landmine

    why don’t women just create their own companies, or even invent their own technologies? do they believe that coopting the male gender’s accomplishments will make anyone respect them?

    • GTKRWN

      Jewish feminism has nothing to do about helping women. It is a Marxist tool to destroy men. Nothing more.

      • RichardGristle

        Yep. It’s all part of the bigger cultural Marxism picture.

        Keep women at work and not breeding/being good mothers. Make men and women hate each other. Make women despise children.

        It’s going quite well for them.

        • Hibernia86

          Marxism has more to do with economics and social class, not gender. I hate SJWs, but it is a different type of left wing extremism than Marxism.

    • Disqusted

      The ones that do probably get crushed by the same assholes (Soros and friends) funding feminist gangs and brainwashing them with bullshit. Then they blame the rest of us, as if we had anything to do with it.

  • “unless women are heavily encouraged (forced?) into STEM fields the number of women working in the computer engineering and tech field will decrease from 24% to 22% by 2025”

    Are they for fucking real? Do they seriously believe a 2% drop is such a big fucking deal, that they have to essentially force more diversity down everyone’s throats? Talk about overreacting!

    • GTKRWN

      The Jew is willing to do anything as long as it hurts whites. Forced “diversity” and making work environments toxic to men is their overall goal. It has nothing to do with “promoting women.”

    • Disqusted

      As if encouragement is the only factor influencing a woman’s career decision. Only people who think women are that simplistic would believe something like that.