GTA 5 Mod Adds Universal Weapon Attachments, iPhone 6 And S7 Edge
GTA 5 Weapon Attachment Mod

Some new mods for the definitive PC version of GTA V have brought some cool new features to the table, including a universal weapon attachments pack that works with all of the vanilla weapons in Rockstar Games’ open-world action title, along with supporting modded weapons as well.

The weapon attachment mod was put together by metroidguy. He explains…

“[…] usually when people release a weapon mod with attachments those attachments only look good with the specific weapon they configured it for, with this mod say no more. The attachments universally work with every vanilla weapon they are compatible with and weapon mod if you configure the weapon nodes to do so.”

The mod includes a M145 scope, several different magazine modifications, a PEQ15 flashlight attachment, an Eotech scope, and a silencer.

Youtuber Felix has a demonstration of the mods in action, which you can check out below.

You can download the mod from over on

Metroidguy also did a bit of shilling for his donation box considering that he has to pay a monthly fee to use Zmodeler, the program most modders use to create new meshes and mods for GTA V. So it’s something to consider if you have some coins to spare and you think he’s doing a good job making mods for the game.

Next up is a collection of phone mods.

Russian modder Mishka Volkav designed a series of new phone models for the in-game phone that players use in GTA V.

This includes replacements for Trevor, Michael and Franklin’s phones, and you can swap them with either a iPhone 6, an iPhone 5s, an AppleWatch, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or a Sony Xperia.

This is a neat little mod in case you wanted to fix up your in-game phone to look like the expensive phones you probably couldn’t afford unless a Wall Street banker took a plunge out of the top of his office building and his splattered and broken arm – with the phone still attached – landed in your lap at the local outdoor restaurant.

You can pick up the new phone models for GTA V by visiting the download page.


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