GTA 5 Mods Let You Play As Hookers, Wolverine, And Throw Knives
GTA 5 Hookers

Want to play as a homeless Wolverine who can throw knives? Well, you can do just that by combining a few scripts and mods together in GTA V.

One of the most popular mods recently released for the PC version of GTA V is a mod called “Be Homeless” from modder euphoricrager. The mod allows you to live as a lowlife homeless person.

This mod completely reconfigures the social dynamics of interacting with the world in GTA V. Loitering and soliciting can result in the wanted level going up and being harassed by coppers. You’ll have to deal with life as a hooker, getting banged instead of doing the banging, as well as take on menial jobs such as cleaning windows and washing cars.

You can get an idea of what it’s like living as a poor homeless person courtesy of KeGamingTV’s series of videos following a homeless man living in various parts of Los Santos and taking on whatever work he can find in order to survive.

The mod was also recently updated to include high-class prostitution so you can earn $150 through $300 as a hooker taking on more high-risk solicitations.

You can download the mod right now from over on the GTA5-Mods page.

If playing as a hooker makes you feel angry, and you’ve had some bad experience getting used and abused, you can take out your anger as Wolverine.

You can play as classic blue and yellow Wolverine or as the newest Old Man Logan. You can see what he’s like with the video below courtesy of KjraGaming.

So admittedly, Wolverine does kind of look like he suffers from ME Andromedism. But it’s still cool that you can go around and stab people as Hugh Jackman.

The script allows you to enable and disable Wolverine’s claws, jump higher, run faster, gain health regeneration, and experience custom sounds.

The mod includes different skins from X-Men Origins, The Wolverine and Logan.

You can download the mod from over on

Last but not least is the ability to throw knives. This allows you to bring a knife to a gun fight, and be like Danny Trejo from Desperado.

The script was put together from the legendary GTA modder, jedijosh920.

You simply download the script and add the dll to your scripts folder. It allows you to turn any default knife into a throwing knife. You simply press the grenade button while the knife is equipped and you can throw it. You can see how it works with the video demonstration below.

You can download the throwing knives from over on the page.


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