GTA 5’s John Wick, Cinematic Mods Add A Hollywood Film Look
GTA 5 John Wick

Two new mods recently came out for GTA V on PC, one of which is a port-over of the John Wick mesh from Payday 2, and the other is a film-grain, bokeh Hollywood camera filter to give GTA V a more filmic appearance.

The first mod up features the man, the myth, Baba Yaga… John Wick.

The mod was converted and rigged by Maestre. It features full high-res 2K textures, along with properly mapped diffuse, bump and specular map shaders for the mesh. So you’ll get the full integrated look of the character model running around in the game.

You can see what Wick looks like in action courtesy of Hellgaming’s video demonstration below.

The UV maps from Payday 2 to GTA V were also remapped for higher quality output, along with some minor resculpting of the mesh to clean it up.

He notes that the “hair [is] trash” and that it’ll be updated in the next release, but it doesn’t look that bad to me. I’ve definitely seen worse.

You can download the John Wick mod right now from over on the GTA5-Mods download page.

John Wick GTA 5 Mod

Next up is the cinematic mod. This literally ties into the release of the John Wick mod.

User Pantyshot (lovely name by the way) uploaded the graphics replacement mod that alters the textures and visual settings for some of the features in GTA V.

As you can see in the image above, there’s a much stronger focus on the use of perspective post-processing, especially with the use of a stylized bokeh filter.

Pantyshot explains…

“This pack creates an anamorphic, filmic Hollywood look to your bokeh and lensflares.


“These are custom lensflare. “

The flares also imitate volumetric light dispersion, so it looks like you’re getting this really heavy, noir-themed, thriller look from GTA V.

I personally think it looks fantastic. It gives the city nightlife this speckled, almost dreamlike look.

John Wick GTA 5 Mod

Pantyshot notes that he will be updating the mod regularly, so be sure to check back often for further updates. You can download the Cinametic Pack 1.0 from over on the GTA5-Mods download page.


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