Guardians Of The Galaxy: Telltale Series Episode 1 Walkthrough
Guardians of the Galaxy The Telltale Series

Telltale Games and Marvel Entertainment finally released the official first episode of Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series. The new episode is available right now for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and mobile devices. For gamers interested in a walkthrough of the game, there is one available, showing the different choices and outcomes for the title.

YouTuber MKIceandFire rolled out an hour and a half long video featuring their playthrough of Episode 1: Tangled Up In Blue, which you can check out below.

The game starts with Star-Lord being asked to help from the Nova Corps to go and fight Thanos.

You’ll get to choose how to respond to the Nova Corps, either being extremely smarmy, mildly snarky, or unbearably sarcastic.

After taking on the mission from the Nova Corps, you’ll be introduced to the game’s quick-time style action scenarios, as well as the other characters.

Following an action sequence in space, you’ll need to help rocket get his gun.

The group will head outside and toward the location where Thanos is located. In order to get through the door look at Drax and then look up at the ceiling and you’ll be able to fly up to the platform.

You can talk to the three other teammates using the left trigger.

You can use Star-Lord to walk around and examine the environment. Head to the back of the room where there’s a giant dent in the wall so you can see Thanos’ damage that he caused to the environment and the Nova Corp unit.

Examine the Nova Corp ship on the second floor and then use the Time Scanner on the Nova Corp corpses to find the proper ID. Check the body on the third floor on the left side of the structure, a helmet is knocked off one of the soldiers and the ID chip will be inside.

Fly back down to the second level and use the ID on the ship to blast the doors down.

Move down the elevator and then you’ll have to fight Thanos in a pretty epic showdown.

Just fight through the quick-time events until Star-Lord can use the atomizer.

From then on there’s a cinematic and then you can talk to the other Guardians while they celebrate in the bar.

In order to pay for the tab you can either sell Thanos to the Nova Corps or The Collector.

You can talk to the other crew members about Thanos, as well as either use the bridge console to contact The Collector or the Nova Corps.

If you check your messages there’s an Easter Egg featuring Howard The Duck.

You can use the console to either call the Collector or Nova Corps.

In addition to selling Thanos, you can also sell the forge, which is located in Peter’s bag inside his room.

If you bring the body of Thanos to the Nova Corps it will take him, but it will take six months before they start processing the payments for the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Hala will show up with a group of soldiers and a fight will ensue. Star-Lord will lose the forge and will have the option of either bringing Gamora or Drax with him. Gamora will help Peter infiltrate the ship stealthily while Drax will want to blast through them.

Use the computer in the room with the encapsulated Kree to shutdown the cryo chamber and then enter into the access maintenance hatch at the end of the tunnel.

You’ll be able to talk to Hala on the bridge, but even if you attempt to reason with her, she will kill Star-Lord.

After the cinematics the episode will end and players will get a look at episode 2. You can also check out a video showcasing all the alternative choices in the game, in case you were curious what they were like in episode 1 of Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series.


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