Guns Of Icarus: Alliance Expansion Goes Live With Tons OF New Content

Developers Muse Games have officially launched the new Guns Of Icarus expansion to the public, titled “Alliance”, which adds in a ton of new content and gameplay features.

Guns Of Icarus is an online action game where players form up into teams, board Steampunk style airships, and battle against one another in epic airship battles that takes place in old city ruins, mountain canyons, or high up in the sky amongst the clouds. When the game first came out it was truly a unique experience and was one of my favorite games.

One of my major complaints with the original Guns Of Icarus however, was the lack of AI units which meant that matchmaking only placed you against other players, and due to the limited fan base, that sometimes took hours to find a game. The other problem was that the tutorial didn’t properly prepare you for battle, so you could only practice while playing against other players, and as a pilot, that could sometimes be disastrous if it was your first game and all your team members start yelling at you for flying like a noob.

The good news is that the developers took this to heart and created an entire expansion to address these issues. First off, if you already own the original Guns Of Icarus, you will get a 25% loyalty discount for the Alliance  Expansion. Guns Of Icarus: Alliance adds quite a few new features, such as new maps, new weapons, as well as co-op gameplay for PVE (Player vs environment) scenarios.

You can jump in as a single pilot, or team up with as many as 16 players as you all work together to complete special missions. The developers also say that the AI will adapt and learn based on how you play, so no two battles will ever be the same as they create new strategies to try to best you in combat.

Players will also be able to choose a faction and unlock their special costumes, weapons, and airships to add a new, more detailed layer of customization to their characters. I haven’t played the new update yet, but it almost sounds like the new Faction system is similar to Risk, where you will be able to take over specific locations on the world map as you fight to take over the world.

Guns Of Icarus: Alliance features about 13 ships, 24 guns, 26 tools and 15 special abilities for you to utilize in combat. Further, you will be able to fly across more than 36,000 square meters of terrain, as you play through a variety of different scenarios, ranging from Chasing convoys, assaulting bases, or enduring an onslaught of enemy airships. Take a look at the official Guns Of Icarus: Alliance trailer that I linked down below.

For more information about Guns Of Icarus: Alliance, you can visit the Steam Store page for additional details and information.

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