Halo 3 Supposedly Heading To PC, According To AMD Event

A lot of Halo fans say that Halo 3 is the best Halo game. Whether you agree with that or not, a lot of people want the Xbox 360 game — that’s also playable on Xbox One — to come to PC. According to a recent report, folks just might get the third implementation to the ongoing Halo series for PC.

Although I’m taking this information with a huge grain of salt, it seems that gamers and Halo fans alike really want the third Halo (or the entire series in general) to come to PC. According to GameRant, folks who really want to play Halo 3 on their PC might find a gleam of light… sorta.

Originally posted on DSOG, publication site GameRant went on to note that…

“AMD didn’t make any official announcement regarding Halo 3 coming to PC, but it’s odd that it would use artwork from the game if that wasn’t the case. Of course, it’s possible that AMD simply chose artwork of Master Chief to point out that there are some Halo games already on the platform, not necessarily Halo 3.”

Although that may sound like something that has no weight to it, the publication site went on to say that…

“Another explanation is that Halo 3 is coming to PC with remastered graphics and cut-scenes as Halo 3 Anniversary. Since this year marks the 10 year anniversary of the launch of Halo 3, there have been rumors that Microsoft is going to announce Halo 3 Anniversary at E3 2017 in June for release this holiday season, in lieu of Halo 6. If this rumored project comes to pass, then Halo 3 Anniversary would presumably come to Xbox One as well as PC as an Xbox Play Anywhere title.”

Speaking of Halo 3 showing up to the AMD event via an image, you can check it out below.

Remember none of this is official, but a lot of people do believe that the Halo 3 PC release will come to fruition. Although I’m taking this info with a grain of salt, would you like to see a 10 year old game like Halo 3 come to PC?


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