Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Launches On Steam April 20th
Halo Wars Definitive Edition

Microsoft announced that Halo Wars: Definitive Edition will launch as a separate, standalone edition on Steam, the Windows Store and the Xbox Store later this week on April 20th.

Over on the official Steam page they announced that the game will unlock in just two days’ time.

This includes the enhanced HD graphics, all new achievements for Steam users, and all of the DLC that was previously released for the Xbox 360 version of the game, bundled into a single package. A Steam launch trailer was also released to commemorate the milestone.

The funny thing about it is that this game was originally re-released as a pack-in for the Ultimate Edition of Halo Wars 2. I suppose it was Microsoft’s way of trying to lure in PC gamers to pre-order? I’d like to think the PCMR is a bit smarter than that.

Anyway, it’s funny looking back how their on the ground specialist back in the original Halo Wars was a straight, white, male. You can’t have that in games these days or you’ll be lambasted by SJW media.

It’s amazing how times have changed so… that catering toward your core demographic with a real masculine man is considered taboo. I mean, obviously, it’s not like Justin Bieber fangirls crave after a real man or even a masculine man… but developers seem to think that by undermining the kind of character most males think are cool they’ll lure in more fangirls. Good luck with that.

On the upside, at least Microsoft was smart enough to straight port Halo Wars: Definitive Edition to PC finally. Gamers have been asking and begging for that since 2009. I’m shocked Phil Spencer listened, but maybe this really is a new leaf for Microsoft and their gaming ecosystem?

Anyway, you can check out Halo Wars right now over on the Steam store page.


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