Here’s The Current Status Of Skyrim’s SKSE-64 Bit
(Last Updated On: April 1, 2017)

One of the developers helping with Skyrim Special Edition’s script editor 64-bit tool came onto the NexusMods forum to explain the current status of SKSE64-bit and what fans can expect. Bethesda’s Skyrim Special Edition is out now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Are you curious as to how Skyrim Special Edition Script Editor 64-bit is coming along? If so, one of the many developers, Ian Patterson, working on the project posted up an update to explain the situation. In case you are new here is a list of the devs names and their screen names: Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, Paul Connelly and Brendan Borthwick (ianpatt, behippo, scruggsywuggsy the ferret, and purple lunchbox).

The first name listed, or Ian Patterson (ianpatt), recently took to the NexusMods forum board to announce this:

“Sorry, this isn’t intended to be an April Fools joke or something like that.


I don’t really have any good news. A large amount of the core code (papyrus support, scaleform support, etc) is ready, but the layout of most of the game data classes still needs to be verified as unchanged from the 32-bit version.


I haven’t had any time to work on this for the past few months due to work, and I assume the same is true for Stephen. Making time estimates for full-time professional engineering projects is very hard, and this is far from that.


Again, sorry for getting people’s hopes up.”

So no, this means that you will not be able to play the Beta or the official SKSE64-bit — which was previously announced for a mid-March release. The team miscalculated the estimated time of release due to work and other personal priorities that are important, and thus delaying the SKSE64-bit to an unknown date.

There’s no word if it will ever be finished, but if you want more information on the project you can either visit or

Below is an older video detailing the progress that was made on December 28th, 2016, which if you are new to the SKSE64-bit scene you can use the video by Behippo to freshen up.

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  • DreamStain

    Guess they are so busy they can’t even say ”SKSE64 will not be released”…

    Stop waiting for it, SKSE64 has been abandoned.

  • 1119KHM

    For gods sake if everyone that is waiting for SKSE64 to come out had a place were they could donate like $5-$10 perhaps they (people working on SKSE64) could quit there jobs and work on it full time. Lets look at the math.
    Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch has over 501,000 individual downloads. I think this number is also in the ball park of the number of people that would be interested in SKSE64 getting done faster. 501,000 * say $5 = $2,505,000.00
    even if there is 4 people working on it that’s $626,150 each. I think that would pay the bills for awhile. Can anybody put together a donation site for SKSE64?

    • That’s not a bad plan.

      In fact, this is exactly what people did for Cemu because they said they would rather pay out of pocket to help Cemu get made than to wait forever for updates.

      It worked.

  • 1119KHM

    If SKSE64 does not get finished soon i’m afraid Skyrim will fade away…
    People are getting sick of waiting. The quality of games are getting better all the time and soon Skyrim even 64bit version even with enb will just look old.

    • 1119KHM

      Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the hard work and know its voluntary, but that does not change the reality of the situation.. its taking to long.

  • vibes shaw

    skse for skyrim se is cancelled.
    it will not be coming out at all.

    • Bobby Miller

      where did you find that?

  • La Chica Incognita

    Given the size and popularity of Skyrim, I’m sure even if they never get the time to work on SKSE64 they can easily just pass the project on to other people.

  • FourFooted Messiah

    I’m sure they’ll finish it, the question is just “when”; and it’s not so terribly “late”, I guess (especially for being a volunteer effort). Like others here, I’m delaying trying the 64 bit version until the script extender and SkyUI with MCM comes out; then a port of the massive Dragonborn Museum mod. I estimate I might be ready to play by next summer. 🙂

  • Ben Ranalli Jr

    Thanks for the update. I think we all appreciate everything they are doing an will be patiently waiting. When it’s done it’s done.

  • Avanxiaz

    Buddy, take your time and get yourself a coffee or something, you guys are already doing us a great favor, free things don’t always come easy. Take your time, at least we know you are working on it. 😀 Hope you all the best in real life.

  • Brandon

    “not had time to work on it” is not the same thing as, in this articles words “There’s no word if it will ever be finished”, there’s no reason to instill the worry that it won’t be finished, its simply been pushed back due to the developers daily lives. They do it for free after all, as a side project.

  • Daniel Gering

    Same as Manoj Mishra: I’ll play Skyrim, but not, Skyrim SE until the dev’s release a working version of this script extender. Unfortunate regarding delays. However.. you have the WHOLE community patiently waiting to mod their game!!

    • hazerddex

      sadly some of us re forced to have only SE

  • Manoj Mishra

    Not playing Skyrim until skse 64 is ready!

    • Sean Maddox

      And while we are at it, give me back my freaken terrain parallax. So annoyed this was removed with no clear replacement method.

      • asas asas

        parallax mapping has nothing to do with skse and also wasn’t part of the original game.. it was part of enb series and enb so far for the se is nowhere near as feature rich as enb for the old game was.. but on the other hand the se uses dx 11 so parallax mapping could be replaced by tesselation as it’s far superior to the old parallax mapping and is supported by the api if anyone skilled like boris ever goes through the hassle to implement it..

    • Sean Maddox

      And while we are at it, give me back my freaken terrain parallax. So annoyed this was removed with no clear replacement method.

  • Michael P

    Thanks for the info Ethan. No point in upgrading to SE unti SKSE is running, too many essential mods rely on it.

    The wait continues….