Here’s The Latest Info And Specs On Xbox One “Project Scorpio”
(Last Updated On: April 6, 2017)

Are you interested in the Xbox One, preferably Microsoft’s upcoming iteration of the console code-named “Project Scorpio”? If so, Digital Foundry and Microsoft teamed up to reveal the upcoming console’s specs and info, which Project Scorpio itself is set to release sometime near the end of 2017.

Keeping on track here and attempting to provide the latest info regarding Project Scorpio, just recently Digital Foundry and Microsoft teamed up to reveal some of the specs regarding the upcoming platform in the Xbox console lineup.

The home console is said, according to Digital Foundry, to come with an eight-core CPU, 12GB of memory, 1TB of hard-drive space, a 4K UHD Blu-ray player, and an integrated power supply. The new console is said to support and improve many Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, too.

If you want a better look and what Digital Foundry churned out number wise, a chart showing the specs of the Project Scorpio, the Xbox One and the PS4 Pro sit below. The chart also contains specs for all three systems and the CPU, GPU, Memory, Memory Bandwidth, Hard Drive and Optical Drive.

If that was not enough and you need more information regarding the upcoming, and currently veiled, Xbox console, a video by the folks who teamed up with Microsoft to present the specs of Project Scorpio sits below. The video runs for 15 minutes and runs through all the Q4 device’s system setup.

If that above still was not enough for you, Digital Foundry released another video that cover five “improvements” over the Xbox One and the much older Xbox 360 console that Project Scorpio offers. The video runs for eight minutes and can be seen below courtesy of Digital Foundry‘s YouTube channel.

Microsoft is said to give its fans and the gaming industry a look or a tease of the new console, which will offer even more information regarding the forthcoming Project Scorpio. The company will be taking the stage for E3 2017 prior to the expo at Galen Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 11th, and will start at 2:00 P.M. PT / 5:00 P.M ET / 11:00 PM UK.

With that all said, what’s your thoughts on Microsoft and Digital Foundry’s presentation of Project Scorpio spec reveal?

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  • LurkerJK

    well … its marginally better than the ps4pro… PROGRESS

    Maybe this is the excuse they are going to use to keep making revisions for the consoles, in 6 months Sony will fight the Scorpio with the ps4 extreme, then in another 6 months Microsoft will come up with the ScorpioKing, 6 months later well get the PS4 MKUltra, 6 months later The XMummy 720, 6 months later the PS4 Super Ultra Combo and so on

    • Danny Pollard

      How is it marginally better? its far better….

      • LurkerJK

        The GPU is slightly overclocked and with a 10% increase in cores vs the ps4pro, this is marginal, not “FAR”

        The ram was 50% increased which i would call marginally too, but i heard that 4 gb of those are reserved for the OS so the true increase is just whatever the old OS used, again, marginal, not “FAR”

        memory bandwidth is the biggest increase but since it did not make much of a difference for the XBONE S i doubt it will have much impact for the scorpio unless there is a bottleneck in the jaguar cores that the new cores fix

        the CPU is still eight cores at a MARGINALLY faster clock but since they are not the same jaguar type they are difficult to compare, well have to wait until a breakmatch to know, they “are said to be 31 per cent faster” and this % is compared to xbone cores, its much lower compared to the ps4pro cores, this is marginal, not “FAR”

        The HD is the same size and since they have not announced it with glowing colors i doubt it will be an SSD so no change here

        The upgrade is going to put the scorpio on top of the ps4pro, maybe even reaching mid tier PCs but it will be immediately obsolete vs PCs and the next NVIDIA/AMD cards line up will put it to shame again

        You are not fixing the lack of power problem, you are just kicking it a few squares away again, you still wont be able to do 4k natively, you will have devs complaining about lack of power again, you will have the same “oh this game runs ~100p higher on the [insert newest console here]” statements and so on

        • The GDDR5 type RAM is really the only thing that the PS4Pro and Scorpio has going for it… otherwise they are both essentially mid-tier PCs at this current time of writing.

          In a few month’s time, they’ll probably be below-mid-tier PCs when Intel, AMD and Nvidia release more powerful stuff.

          Ever since the PS3 and XBox360 (which the 360 itself is basically a custom PC anyway), it’s got to the point where console hardware simply has no unique/special aspects to it which can better the PC anymore.

  • mikebrand83

    Basically the same formula as the PS4 Pro, just with slightly higher specs, and likely to still require checkerboard rendering techniques (just like the PS4 Pro) to render games at 4k at stable frame rates for the most part.

    Meanwhile, with no compelling exclusives to support this as a purchase, we’re likely to continue to see Sony slapping MS around this console generation… And yeah, I’ve long discounted Nintendo as a direct competitor, though with the Switch it might finally find a stable foothold as the “second console to own” (especially since you can take it with you on the go).

    • Danny Pollard

      Funny seeing the ps4 crew getting worried, the scorpio has no games yet and E3 will show them so maybe shut up until then? Go enjoy your up-scaled 4k console.

      • mikebrand83

        Funnier that you see somebody poking at the PS4 Pro needing to use checkerboard techniques for 4k rendering (for the most part), as being a member of the “ps4 crew”.

        Was pointing out that MS has been getting slapped around in console sales numbers by Sony, despite pulling similar numbers during their launch windows, really that triggering?