Here’s The Latest Progress Of SKSE-64 Bit
(Last Updated On: April 28, 2017)

Bethesda’s medieval fantasy game best known as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is beloved by many in the modding community, including the recently released Special Edition of the game. The major problem is that a lot of mods have had to be remade to accommodate the Special Edition, including a script extender, which is still in development. The project in particular, named SKSE64-bit, has a lot of people talking about itand here is the latest update as of April 28th, 2017.

Search frequency for SKSE 64-bit  has increased recently, and it managed to grab my attention and check out various forum boards to see what all the commotion is about. Well, some users are threatening to DDoS the team behind SKSE64-bit, and even pose other threats to the team. Just as a heads up to all the salty ones threatening the team (and/or others about SKSE64-bit) that won’t do jackspit to help progress the project. The only thing it would do is slow down progress and hinder the developers from releasing it.

Be patient and carry on if you want SKSE64-bit to see the light of day, especially given that it’s a free project.

Moreover, there are two pieces of good news, but first let’s look over the bad news. On the bad side, and featured on this site before, Ian Patterson (ianpatt) took to the NexusMods forum board to announce this in the last update:

“Sorry, this isn’t intended to be an April Fools joke or something like that.


I don’t really have any good news. A large amount of the core code (papyrus support, scaleform support, etc) is ready, but the layout of most of the game data classes still needs to be verified as unchanged from the 32-bit version.


I haven’t had any time to work on this for the past few months due to work, and I assume the same is true for Stephen. Making time estimates for full-time professional engineering projects is very hard, and this is far from that.


Again, sorry for getting people’s hopes up.”

On to the good news… the modder on the team known as ianpatt posted this update thread of version 1.7.3 on, which shows some progress, as opposed to the build posted on the thread, which still shows version 1.7.2:

– added SpawnerTask for batch PlaceAtMe with positioning (see SpawnerTask.psc for details)
– fixed chance of ModEvent/UICallback instances failing if the game was saved+loaded between their creation and execution
– added Spell.GetEffectMagnitudes/GetEffectAreas/GetEffectDurations/GetMagicEffects
– added ObjectReference.GetContainerForms/GetReferenceAliases
– added WornObject.GetReferenceAliases
– added Form.GetKeywords
– added StringUtil.Split
– added Utility.ResizeArray
– added Actor.ResetAI (similar to console function)
– fixed ActorBase.GetIndexOf*
– fixed Utility.CreateArray initialization with empty Forms/Aliases
– added support for skse.ExtendData(true) to enchanting/alchemy/smithing/crafting menus
– added Ingredient/Potion/Scroll/Spell.GetIsNthEffectKnown/Magnitudes/Areas/Durations/MagicEffects
– added Quest.GetAliasById/GetAliases
– fixed Armor.ModArmorRating to disallow underflow
– added FormList.ToArray/AddForms
– added experimental GameData functions
– TreeObject and Flora accept general forms as produce
– added diagnostic messages that help detecting the cause of common crashes or problems.
(1) Shows which masterfile is missing when the game CTDs on startup.
(2) Lists the missing files in the removed content dialog when loading a save.
Both are disabled by default; to enable them add this to \Data\SKSE\skse.ini:

The last part  of info reads that the devs updated SKSE64-bit on April 3rd, 2017, two days after the notice ianpatt published on the NexusMods forum board, meaning that they are still actively doing stuff every now and then, which can be seen below as proof (in red).

To all the salty people and the impatient ones out there, are you now moist? Are you now happy? Hopefully so, because death and hack threats will not make the SKSE64-bit team work harder or faster; providing encouragement will only help the team given that this free project is done out of the generosity of a handful of devs who still have to attend to their day-to-day responsibilities in life.

Lastly, the devs did not promise that SKSE64-bit and the Beta were ultimately coming out mid-March, 2017, but that “Tentatively expect a beta in mid-March 2017”. In other words they were not sure, and I bet they still aren’t sure, Behippo just gave a tentative date. In other words the project will release when the devs say so, and it will be finished when the devs say so.

Additional info pertaining to SKSE64-bit can be found on, and

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  • Deadsmoke96

    possible typo?

    august 27th 2017? its only july 26th now.

  • jparnell8839

    I guess the part that I have the hardest time accepting is why they don’t host it on github and let the community help – seems to me like verifying compatibility between x86 and x64 classes is the main time consuming thing, and for the most part, they’re going to parallel. I know there will need to be some tweaks done, but there are THOUSANDS of people willing to help.

  • Michael Carroll

    I gotta ask, maybe some one can fill me in. Aren’t all the old mods still there for the other version of skyrim? I haven’t played skyrim in a year or so, I don’t really know. I know i tried to download the special edition cause I thought all it was, was all the expansions. Can’t I just download the old skyrim from my steam list, and use old skse? If so these people saying anything to the people who made SKSE have some serious issues lol, even if that wasn’t the case they still would, but that makes it even worse. Does skyrim special edition even do anything helpful?

    • Nah, the old scripts don’t work unless they can run on the scrip extender, but you’ll need the 64-bit version to get them working with the Special Edition.

      • Michael Carroll

        But cant you just use old skyrim? I guess I will see I downloaded regular skyrim.

        • Ryan Fitch

          64 bit Skyrim is more stable and can run more mods without as high a risk of incompatibility causing CTDs. It seems like a no brainer for modders to focus on SE, but SKSESE is required for nearly every mod with advanced functions. Being able to use mods like Civil War Overhaul and having 100+ actors actually fighting at the same time is what makes SE worth it.

      • Michael Carroll

        Looks to mean now that I did more research, that yes the old mods work, you can still play old skyrim, and that skyrim special edition did jack shit. It will be useful in the future if any one re does their mods for it cause its 64bit, but other than that nothing changed, so I dont see why any one would care in the slightest.

  • Jiffy Von Munenstein

    I don’t give a shit if the developers tell everyone they’re bored of making SKSE and we can go fuck ourselves. They owe us absolutely nothing. We haven’t given them money or signed into an agreement with them. They’re doing this as a passion project and as a favor to Skyrim players. The entitled little twats threatening them are pathetic and need to get laid.

    • urgelt

      You have a low opinion of women if you think that’s even a possibility.

      • Aiko

        Nobody said they need to get laid by women :p

  • Disqusted

    Had similar experiences with Western communities for other fan made stuff. If you take too long to give them free stuff, they assume you must be withholding it from them on purpose to spite them. They then throw tantrums, accusing authors of racism or some bullshit, and attacking them in ways like trying to infect their PCs with viruses, harassing them in every way possible, etc.

    Then when you do release stuff, they just remove your name from all the credits and rerelease it as their own work. Had a little of this stuff done to me, and seen lots of stuff done to others. I’ll never forget having some assholes tell me that all of my fan/mod/hobby work falls under “General Public License”, meaning “I owe it to them” to release all of it to them ASAP. Real nice bunch.

    That’s what happens when communities are filled with spoiled little kids who don’t understand that real people have real life issues to deal with. Those brats are too lazy to learn how to do anything themselves, so they have no idea how much work is involved or how long it takes. No appreciation or respect, just demands and threats. You’d think the Skyrim mod community would be above that, but then I remember what happened when Valve and Bethesda tried to monetize mods.

    Again, I haven’t had much of a bad experience when working with Japanese people. They’re respectful, polite, patient, appreciative and understanding. I’ve found the age of Japanese people making and releasing stuff tends to be much higher than in the West, and many of them are professionals or have long been making stuff as a hobby. So I think a big part of why Japanese don’t act like babies is because they understand what it’s like to be a creator.

    I’ve seen a few Japanese people who have social disorders where they enjoy creating chaos and hurting others, but there don’t seem to be as many of those as I keep seeing in the West. I’m sure there are assholes like that everywhere. Humans are humans, after all.

    To be clear, I’m not really praising Japanese people. The comparison is to show that there are places where the majority aren’t leeching kiddies. I wish everyone everywhere wasn’t an asshole. Not going to happen, of course.

  • Reven

    It’s really pathetic that threats are being made. Sure SKSE is required for many mods, but at the same time I’m THANKFUL it’s not out yet, since I’m actually PLAYING the game again instead of mucking around with mods. I still haven’t experienced ANY of Dragonborn because of mods on the old version and just been playing FF games recently to celebrate the 30th anniversary of THAT series. Skyrim SE is one of my favorite games ever because it’s Skyrim with decent shadows, the one thing that nothing but a performance murdering ENB could fix.

  • John27