IndieGogo Project SwitchCharge Extends Battery Life For Nintendo Switch, And Much More

InDemand Design has created a new IndieGoGo Campaign for an innovative device called SwitchCharge, that takes your Nintendo Switch and fixes almost all of the major design flaws.

Well, it’s not going to fix the screen scratching problem or the Joy-Con desyncing issue, but almost everything else that you may not like about the Nintendo Switch’s design will greatly improve with the SwitchCharge. 

For those of you that own a Nintendo Switch, have you ever been in an intense gaming session while mobile, only to realize your battery is rapidly draining and there is nothing you can do to save it? Have you ever wanted to load/store multiple games inside the Switch at once, only to realize that you can’t? Have you ever wanted to charge your Switch while using the kickstand at the same time? Well, now you can!

The below quote, taken from the IndieGoGo campaign page, outlines the details about exactly what the SwitchCharge does, and how it works.

The SwitchCharge is the world’s first multifunctional battery case designed for the Nintendo Switch. It incorporates a high capacity 12,000mAh battery, an improved kickstand, 2 game card slots and also added protection for your Switch. [….]

SwitchCharge Beta Test Times

  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 10hrs 40mins
  • 1-2-Switch: 12hrs 55mins
  • Fast RMX: 13hrs 20mins
  • Snipperclips: 13hrs 30mins
  • Shovel Knight: 14hrs 15mins

To clarify, the Nintendo Switch has a base game time of about 2.5 hours, to maybe about 6 hours, depending on the graphics requirements of the game you are currently playing. The SwitchCharge has a special custom-made battery pack that extends the overall battery life for the Switch, giving you up to 14 hours of game time for certain games, and at least 10 hours of play time with high-end games like Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

Additionally, the SwitchCharge also has Quick Charge Technology, which allows it to recharge your battery in half the time, while you’re playing!

I don’t mean to hate on the Nintendo Switch or anything, but most of the features included for the SwitchCharge project are just common sense features, like the back kickstand and the side charging ports. Nintendo should have included those features in the standard base design for the Switch, but I suppose no system is perfect.

If you are interested in supporting InDemand Design and their IndieGoGo Campaign, you can follow the provided link to support their project or read about the SwitchCharge to learn more.


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