Injustice 2 Gear Trailer Previews White Batman Suit, Sacrificial Superman Skin
Injustice 2 Batman Gear
(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros released a new trailer for Injustice 2, this time instead of focusing on the different characters you play or who has been added to the roster, they decided to focus on one of the core mechanics of the game that hasn’t received a whole lot of attention: Gear.

The three minute promote piece discusses how the game’s Gear system works and how players can mix and match different Gear pieces in order to upgrade and customize their character so that they have the best of their abilities ripe and ready when they enter into combat against opponents.

You can check out the video below.

The video starts by explaining that heroes and villains will clash, and that players will have a variety of gears to choose from to help them beat the crap out of the competition.

In one shot we see that players can alter the loadout so that each character can quickly hop into battle with customized gear. You can change the head, the torso, the arms, the legs and three other accessories for some of the characters.

In the case of Swamp Thing, we see that he can use a club to bludgeon people with, and different ones offer strengths, bonuses and weaknesses depending on your play-style.

Injustice 2 - Swamp Thing Gear

So it’s kind of cool how not only do you get to unlock new gear but you also get to unlock new skin colors for the gear as well. We see that each of the color schemes are also named after the costume designs from the various comic runs in which they appeared, which is a nice added bonus to fans of various characters.

Injustice 2 - Superman Sacrificial Son

As the mention, you can level up your gear and earn new outfits by winning matches and unlocking new equipment.

You can also get set bonuses for combining a series of Gear pieces together. Like a typical RPG.

One of the other things they mentioned in a separate video was that you can also swap the stats on gear with the look of another piece, so if you want a certain set bonus but you hate the way the set looks, it’s possible to swap the stats and get some pieces that best suit your fashion sense.

Injustice 2 is due for release on May 16th for PS4 and Xbox One.

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  • Bret

    I’m a big fan of DC comics, and I gotta say, while I do enjoy the gameplay of the first injustice, the tone and story were always just… edge lord trash to me. This looks like it’s gonna be more of the same.

    I hope the rest of you guys have fun with it, I really do, but for me? I’ll pass.

    • lol… edge-lord trash. That’s the first time I’ve seen someone describe the story that way. What made it edgy exactly (other than them turning Superman into a punk)?

      • Bret

        Various things. The lame gray filter over everything, having Joker actually hitting Harley right in the beginning, not because it makes sense, but simply because that’s what’s expected in a bad relationship with bad guys.

        The fact that the only thing anyone making this thing seems to know about Raven is her connection to Trigun which just gets taken to… frankly ludicrous extremes. Like to the point where it just stops making sense.

        Like, Superman is supposed to have become a tyrant out of a twisted sense of wanting to protect people… but then just… allows this obvious threat to just… hang around. But her being a demon daughter is dark, so of course, that’s gotta be her whole thing.

        Am I makin’ sense here?

        • Yeah I get it.

          I mean, NetherRealm was never really like top-notch storytellers, but I always thought they did a serviceable job within the realm of fighting games. They’re obviously not on SNK’s level (well, SNK from back between 1996 and 1999) where they can tell a long-form story with a lot of intricate character overlaps, but they’re definitely two grades above Capcom.

          • Bret


  • Uncle Joey

    Props for including Red Son Superman.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Gotta say the more I see about Injustice 2, the more I kinda want to get it. Not full price, but if I can get a good deal then I’ll pick it up. I enjoyed the first one quite a bit.

    • In the same boat. At first I was like “Nah…” but then I was like “Meh…” and now I’m like “Hmm”.

      So yeah… I might pick this one up. I’m really digging Black Canary’s fighting style. Hopefully they also improved Green Arrow’s fighting as well.

      • Fear Me I Am Free

        This customizing is what made me go “hmmm”. I just hope that it doesn’t take forever to unlock pieces.

        • Well… there is that sinking feeling about many of the cooler pieces being locked behind DLC paywalls. So we’ll see.

          • Fear Me I Am Free

            Well then I will wait for a complete version like they did with Injustice 1.

    • daniel_ream

      I’m wavering. As much as I concede the first one is a really good fighting game, I am ficke to my harte of DC doing the “ooweeooo, all of our heroes (but especially Superman) turn evil” plotline.

      • Actually… they revealed there’s a third faction rising up to overthrow Superman and his Regime. I was like you at first and pissed they had Superman being evil, but knowing that there’s another group led by Gorilla Grodd who wants to enslave Superman and topple his regime, made me interested in the story again.

        • daniel_ream

          I thought Kingdom Come got it right. Superman won’t ever turn evil, but he might just decide that if the people prefer the hero who kills over the hero who won’t, there’s no longer a place for him.