Injustice 2 Trailer Highlights A Redesigned Bane, Scarecrow
Injustice 2 - Bane

A few more villains received the spotlight in the latest Injustice 2 trailer, which focused on the game’s four recently revealed villains, including Captain Cold, Scarecrow, Bane, Gorilla Grodd and Bane.

Gorilla Grodd has been highlighted in previous trailers in the past and is nothing special, but we finally got to see more of the Scarecrow and Bane this time around, along with some actual gameplay of Captain Cold.

You can check out the trailer below, which is all about the vivaciousness of villainy.

The trailer was okay… but from a gameplay perspective Captain Cold obviously stole the show. The guy has combos that had me smirking and smiling from one ear to the next. The ability to chain combo his specials with neutral combos and then transition from a tech into a grab opens up some mad possibilities for this highly underutilized villain.

Also, Bane looks like a cyborg henchmen from Mortal Kombat. You can obviously see some Cyrax or Cyborg Smoke influences tossed in there.

His basic suit design feels a bit lazy given that had I not heard him speak or seen some of his moves I wouldn’t have immediately guessed that it was Bane. Hopefully his unlockable gear is worthwhile, though.

Last but not least is Scarecrow… who looks like he stepped out of Jason Voorhees’ nightmares.

Injustice 2 - Scarecrow

I’m really digging the Scarecrow’s chain-whip combos and his ability to hook and displace opponents across the screen. I don’t know how well that actually fits into the Scarecrow’s personality, though. It would have seemed more fitting if he stabbed and poked people with needles rather than relying on a sickle.

Anyway, you can look for Injustice 2 to drop on May 16th for the Xbox One and the PS4. Sadly there’s still no word from Warner Bros., about a PC version of the game, so you members of the Glorious PCMR are a bit fresh out of luck.


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