Injustice 2 Trailer Pits The Society Against Superman’s Regime, Justice League
Injustice 2 - Captain Cold

NetherRealm Studios recently dropped a new trailer for Injustice 2 featuring the new main villain of the game, Gorilla Grodd. The telepathic gorilla has formed his own group called The Society.

What’s really cool here is that NetherRealm isn’t just recycling another evil group of bad guys, they’re raising up a villain from the ashes of Superman’s failed Regime. The remnants of it are being targeted and dismantled by Grodd, while they also systematically appear to want to take down the leftovers of the Justice League. The crazy part about it is that due to how fragmented the heroes are following the events of the original Injustice, there’s a strong possibility that Grodd might succeed!

And here’s where things get even more interesting, Grodd has recruited the likes of Bane, Captain Cold, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Cheetah, Deadshot and Catwoman to help him. Check it out below.

There are a few giveaways as to how they’ll take the story. For instance, we know that Batman has a mole inside Grodd’s establishment. Most of the fans assume it’s Catwoman given the obvious connection she has with Bruce. However, it would seem like this could make her a dead giveaway for Grodd given his telepathic ability.

Then again, Harley is also working with Batwoman and the remainder of the Justice League, which means that maybe Harley’s close friend (and sometimes girlfriend) Poison Ivy might be the mole. She might even have some telepathic-blocking toxins she can use to keep Grodd in the dark. It’s not impossible.

The fact that Grodd is seeking to take down the Regime and the Justice League is pretty cool, especially with the story hinting at Superman attempting to reestablish his control over the Regime.

This sets up Injustice 2 to have a really cool story if they play their cards right.

Injustice 2 - Scarecrow

We also get to see that The Scarecrow is also not actually a mutant monster, but rather that’s the figment that he imposes on his foes during the fight. He’s still a normal doctor, which makes it make a lot more sense.

The only thing that some fans weren’t fond of was Deadshot being able to track and shoot The Flash. Simply put, most people called BS on that… and I can’t blame them.

So far the story looks great for Injustice 2, which is rare for a fighting game. I’m surprised they put so much time and effort into fleshing out the characters and the factions in the game. Hopefully it’s all handled in a proper way and they don’t use a deus ex machina to resolve everything.

You can look for Injustice 2 to drop on May 16th for the Xbox One and PS4.

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