Iron Commando And Legend Beat-‘Em-Ups Revived For SNES And Steam

Iron Commando

Piko Interactive managed to get the full rights for rare SNES titles Iron Commando and Legend from Hyderdevbox. They plan on producing an emulated version for Steam, a clone console for those who want the classic television experience, and a cart for the SNES.

In order to bring the games to newer generations in all their restored glory, Piko is seeking to crowdfund the process using IndieGoGo. They have up a campaign right now over on the IndieGoGo page requesting $15,000.

They released two videos showcasing the games in action, with the first video being a look at the gameplay of Iron Commando, also known as Koutetsu no Senshi in Japan. You can check it out below.

It reminds me of a low-class version of Crime Fighters 2, better known as Vendetta. There are a lot of striking similarities between both games, but Vendetta had the four-player co-op and was far more violent (since it was an arcade game).

Still, if you wanted more out of the beat-’em-up genre from the 16-bit era than Final Fight and Streets of Rage, it looks like Iron Commando wouldn’t be that bad of an option.

The other game on the docket is Legend, a medieval-fantasy beat-’em-up title. You can check out the gameplay video below.

The 1993 beat-’em-up title has some poor animations, but Arcade Zone did a great job with the sound effects and atmosphere. The game looks good and has decent looking playability. Also, the soundtrack wasn’t bad at all. It’s just a shame about the character walking animations.

Anyway, both games are scheduled to arrive via portable console and on Steam for PC by August of this year… assuming everything goes as planned with the IndieGoGo campaign.

If you think this is something worth bringing to the Steam storefront you can help contribute to the cause. Some people aren’t too fond of Piko Interactive charging for porting long lost games over from the SNES, and feel as if they’re taking advantage of a community effort that’s usually carried out for free, but some people are just happy that Piko is restoring some of these classic games for today’s generation of gamers.

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